RGM Recommends – The Singles

‘They Won’t Be Happy Till They Blow Up the Moon’ – Damn Vandals. Release date: 02 March 2020.

‘They Won’t Be Happy Till They Blow Up the Moon’ is certainly a ball of busy, overdriven energy suited for the stage. Taken off their up and coming album, ‘You Me The Devil And The Sunshine’, the track is charged with distorted guitars and thrashy drumbeats, definitely channelling those classic hard rock vibes. The song ignites with statement vocals shrouded with an eighties-rock influence, followed by a sudden build-up of high-tempo gritty instrumentation, introducing the rest of the track. It would’ve been nice to hear more variation structure-wise as the song is very repetitive, however, there’s no denying that the adrenaline of this song will go down a treat live. 

‘Suck it Up’- Cruel Hearts Club. Release: 28th Feb 2020

Here’s something to be really excited about so I’ll just get straight to the point- Cruel Hearts Club’s ‘Suck it Up’ is definitely going to be the next song saved on your playlist. The London based band offer a perfect blend of pop and grunge with this track- ‘Suck it Up’ wouldn’t be out of place on peak daytime radio or in a dark underground city club. The song is a captivating stir of distorted guitar riffs, fuzzy vocals, huge choruses and cheer-chants, leaving a refreshingly catchy song in your head. There’s absolutely nothing stale about this track- it’s so good to hear something so unique that works this well. 

‘Silhouette Sunshine’- The Crooks. Release: 28th Feb 2020

The Crooks’ up and coming single is a safe concoction of indie-rock with a heavy edge, destined to be a crowd-pleaser. Feedback draws you into the overdriven track lead by its clear-cut guitar riff, instantly getting you familiar with its melody. ‘Silhouette Sunshine’ is bursting with gig-ready factors: distortion, strong vocals, crushing drumbeats and a couple of guitar solos thrown in the mix too. The chorus fronted by ‘Silhouette sunshine, silhouette sunshine baby, silhouette sunshine has got you wrapped around my veins’ certainly creeps in and spins around your head, ensuring you’ll be humming it about the house for the rest of the day

‘Carousel’ – The Jack Fletcher Band. Release: 14th Feb 2020

‘Carousel’ (fronted by a very aesthetic album cover might I add) has an enchanting feel of nostalgia lingering around it, definitely nodding its head to indie-rock of the naughties. This is the kind of song we all would’ve listened to on full-volume as teenagers, it just radiates that first love frustration / coming-of-age kind of feel.  The band have done a great job in letting the raw nature of the lyrics lead this song without overcompensating with their instruments. The arrangement towards the end of the song is huge and they’ve achieved this without any over-complex solos or unnecessary effects, allowing the music and vocals to really compliment one another.  

Home’- Josh Stevens. Release: 28/1/2020

Josh Steven’s ‘home’ is certainly one for if you’re in need of a bit of easy listening. The piano-based ballad sees the artist feeling that ‘home’ doesn’t feel the same anymore, whether that is literal or metaphorical I’m sure is down to the listener.  Though instrumentally arranged well, ‘Home’ unfortunately, is missing a certain spark of passion throughout it. With the song’s content being that of a more emotional nature, it would have been exciting to hear more of that shine through instead of being masked within with four-chord trick verses. Guitar, drums, bass and backing vocals help lift the track towards the end, creating a bit more appeal but overall doesn’t really leave much for the listener to grab on to.