RGM Recommends – The Singles

Harriet Rose – Small Town Chains.

This month sees Barnsley’s Harriet Rose release her debut single, ‘Small Town Chains’. Set to be released on August 21st, Harriet wrote the track through lockdown, about her experiences of growing up, and being told that she ‘wouldn’t amount to anything’ because of where she was born. Harriet’s live performances have audiences hanging on to every word, and ‘Small Town Chains’ features honest and relatable lyrics, destined to hold listeners in her grip.

The Rotanas – Figure It Out Alone.

Cardiff based band The Rotanas have just recently released their latest single, ‘Figure It Out Alone’. 2020 looked to be a massive year for the band, with the first 3 months of the year seeing them gain worldwide radio play and features on some of Spotify’s biggest editorial playlists. ‘Figure It Out Alone’ is a stripped back track, written whilst in self isolation, about letting go of past relationships maturely, and is wonderfully executed.

NEEDSHES – You Make Me Feel.

August 14th sees Uzbekistan band, NEEDSHES, release their latest track ‘You Make Me Feel’.  Influenced by the likes of Elton John and Moby, the track is written about ‘the feeling you get when you can make somebody feel “right”’. Through the past few years, NEEDSHES have gained heaps of support, from the likes of BBC Radio 6 and have been featured on Renault’s adverts. NEEDSHES offer a totally unique sound, mixing alternative with elements of funk. The vocal arrangement within ‘You Make Me Feel’, is what truly makes the song stand out.

Voodoo Bandits – Backyard Wrestling

A fuzzy thrill ride, Voodoo Bandits have recently released their latest single, ‘Backyard Wrestling’. Particularly relevant to today’s climate, the track discusses the struggles that come alongside pursuing your dreams and ambitions. ‘Backyard Wrestling’ is a true feel good banger, huge punchy chorus pairs magnificently with soaring vocals, which further pushes home the positive indie feel that Voodoo Bandits are most known for.


Last week saw Pennine punks, Cabbage, make their much-awaited return with their new single ‘GET OUTTA MY BRAIN’. A homage to Manchester’s Sean Ryder and Black Grape, but also the affirmation of life in Manchester. The track is the lead single from the bands second album, ‘Amanita Pantherina’ which is set to be released next month. The album sees Cabbage tackle political issues and in doing so they aim to remain a vital voice in the times we live.