Yorkshire based, contemporary indie musician, Calboa has just returned with his third single, “Admission.” The happy-sounding guitar rhythm brings you in instantly, followed by the melancholia lyrics. I truly believe Calboa wrote this piece with the intention of taking the listener on a trip. There is a lot going on during the choruses which won’t be for everyone, but the piece itself is niche and for a very targeted audience. Calboa’s vocals blossom in this song, specifically in the hook, it gives the piece such a personal touch as you can almost hear his underlying vulnerability. This single will undoubtedly put Calboa on the map and see him taking on many upcoming festival bills. ‘Admission’ is definitely one for any fans of early Circa Waves, even showing slight similarities to the writing of Morrissey.


The dreamy indie, Scottish based band, Shambolics were signed by Signed by Alan McGee to his Creation 23 label last summer, and have just released ‘Love Collides’. From the get-go, the single completely draws you in. ‘Love Collides’ spirals through a score of complex time signatures, beautiful harmonies, electrifying solos, a great bass line and storyline which really does make the recipe for a flawless single. It is 3 and a half minutes of a highly relatable, catchy tune which will have listeners singing along in no time.

With similarities to Jake Bugg, The La’s and The Smiths the band have laid down a great path for potential audiences. If there is trust in the music industry then we should be hearing a lot more from the Shambolics in the near future.


The K’s breakthrough year had to be 2019 and since then have gained endorsements with the likes of Scotts Menswear, This Feeling, Gibson Guitars and Marshall Amps. Any release from The K’s has a lot to live up to, with their first single ‘Saravejo’ being hugely popular, 1.5 million streams to be precise. ‘TV’ lives up to the expectations set, Jordan Holden’s drums give the track so much energy and alongside Jamie Boyle’s extremely strong vocals listeners are given everything you would want and need from a K’s single. Influenced by TV culture and growing up in a time when so much information is fed to us via TV and the media.

TV is arguably a bit heavier than their previous material, but they have definitely pulled it off. TV is definitely one to have on full volume whilst driving down a motorway, it is so energetic and gives us the right vibe during these dull times. The K’s are set to go on a UK tour in April and without doubt 2021 will be another great year for the lads!


Chris D’Lima released his first single, ‘Tired’ in March has since released his cover of the Massive Attack masterpiece ‘Teardrop’. D’Limas vocals are great throughout the cover, although very different from the original piece, it is a nice change to hear male vocals and harmonies and strong ones at that. This cover may not be one that gets D’Lima popularity but it is a nice listen. The video features Chris D’Limas sister and was produced by my Djamel Cencio. Djamel’s studio manager introduced Elizabeth Fraser to the Cocteau Twins just before they wrote the original version of ‘Teardrop’.

It would of been nice to get an original single to review as ‘Tired’ gained a fair bit of popularity with 3.8k streams, but in the current climate, it is nice to listen to this pretty simple cover.


This new 2-track single from the Oslo based musician, Lights A.M (aka Erlend Eilertsen) announces his forthcoming conceptual full-length album “Stories Without Words”. The all electronic project holds two beautiful pieces of pure instrumentals. Whilst the title track ‘Agnes’ is soft and somewhat emotional the second track ‘A Mystery After Sunset’ showcases the darker and more mystical soundscapes, almost like it would make a great Twilight film score.