RGM Recommends – The Singles

Tom Welsh – Time Runs Away With You

Available to stream now this is one of the double release debut singles from Lancashire lad Tom Welsh released this month. With a silky smooth voice and the clear ability to write beautiful and timeless songs, it’s a huge shame that self-described introvert Tom has been keeping his music all to himself but I’m certainly thrilled that he’s decided to bless us now. The song is essentially a breakup song and is about clinging on to the good times of the past and avoiding the inevitable end of the relationship and just cherishing time together whilst you can. The velvety vocals are supported by a gentle guitar and pretty piano melody that as a trio really make the heart ache. It’s not easily done, but this one even provoked a tear from my frosty heart.

Dead Poet – A Northern Rant

Available to stream now via YouTube and Spotify, the best way I can describe Dead Poet is as a left wing spoken wordsmith with a superpower – his bass! It’s a bit niche and won’t appeal to everyone but adding a heavy guitar riff is a refreshing way to get spoken word out there and lend appeal to people who might not usually listen to poetry. I’m all for a lefty rant and found it to be well written and loved the riff!

Sourdough – My Lines

Released on 14th August, the new single from Luton based band Lines is available to stream now and it is an absolute treat to the ears! Featuring a delightfully heavy guitar riff throughout, a fierce drum beat and snappy lyrics to sing along to this is a track that will have you yearning for your next live music experience. Comparable to Fontaines DC this band brings explosive energy and a lot of talent. The band only formed in 2018 and is already creating magic together- I personally can’t wait for Covid to fuck off so I can see them live!

Erasure – Nerves of Steel

Released on Erasures upcoming g album ‘The Neon’ and is a synth laden, electro explosion of feel good pop! Typical of Erasure it’s super catchy and sure to fill a fair few dance floors once it’s legal. I’m meant to be talking about the song here but I HAVE to mention the video because it is genuinely fantastic! It features 20 LGBTQIA+ stars including several faces from RuPauls Drag Race and boats some remarkable make up and costumes wondrfully lit in bold neons – it couldn’t be a better fit for the song!

ToyQueens – Miss That Mind

This is the debut single from Brighton Based producer ToyQueens. The track was released on 10th August so is available to stream on all major platforms now. The song is about a journey of self-discovery and emotions and addresses addiction and breakups with a light-hearted message that things can get better. The track boasts some bright and breezy synth notes juxtaposed with a powerful vocal reinforced by a light reverb which works well together to create a mellow yet colourful piece of pop. It is quite a strong debut and is certainly very uplifting!