RGM Recommends – The Singles


Bringing us his debut single 22. The London based street performer has created a funky light, all-round feel-good pop song. Perfect for those summer vibe chill nights. This love song is a story we’ve all heard sung before to a sound that again has been heard before. But regardless of its generic nature and sound. It is a great tune that makes you wanna move your whole body. It’s fun, it’s catchy and its got a folky pop, hip hop sound and lyrics to match which will make all those Ed Sheeran fans happy.


Forming in 2018 CASUALS have released their fourth song ‘PERSONA’.
The single is hailed as the band’s statement about the social commentary on today’s youth.
Frontman Louis Fosters vocals are very comparable to those of Ian Brown (The Stone Roses). A band that has clearly influenced Casuals sound. Along with Bassist Joe Hodcroft, Guitarist Jack Rourke and drummer Evan Jones, this Alt-rock band have great potential to follow in their footsteps in becoming one of Manchester’s greats.


Hailing from Norwich, this four-piece alt-rock/grunge band have got their shit tight. Not a massive fan of this type of music. I can, however, appreciate the fact that it’s a great-sounding song and the fact that these guys have self-released such an exceptionally produced track has impressed me greatly. There’s a drop in the middle when the drums just thump, thump, thumping and then a guitar riff just dives in. Had my headbanging in my chair. A great find for anyone whose a fan of Alice In Chains and Tool.


Lulling you into a very mellow jazzy rawness that quickly explodes into an intense Afro-beat rhythm that quickly entices you into moving your whole body, feet included. Archie Baker and his raspy vocals have brought us a track that is definitely genre ambiguous. I did not know what to expect. But first, listen I wanted to go with him on holiday and not think about it. It’s got extremely catchy lyrics and genuinely great fun to listen too. The sax solo is insane and the beautiful flourish of Chloe Beth Rogers on backing vocals just brings an incredible beauty to the whole track. I think I’ve just found my new earworm.


The 20-year-old Harry Mackie has got some incredible dulcet vocals and there is such a funky, country feel to this track, with the influx of a melodic sax sound, this song just instantly cheers you up. Taking influence from the likes of Paola Nutini and George Ezra, Harry Mackie has the potential to overcast both with his new fresh style and boyish good looks. ‘The Middle’ is an ingenious piece and has got me intrigued to what comes next for this insanely talented Manchurian.