Shambolics – Love collides

Theres no denying since debuting back in 2016, Fifes very own indie legends are destined for rock’n roll greatness. ‘Love collides’ is the latest single which the band will release on legendary label Creation 23. Yes, you read correctly, Alan Mcgee’s Creation 23. This is not just another flat, dusty love song. This is a love song for a broken generation.Lyrically like most great singles the track is open to interpretation. “Falling into the trap again”. Take from that what you will. This is musical vulnerability at its best. The guitars burst the song open with an almost uncanny similarity to that of Johnny Marr. The bass along with the drums stride the song fashionably forward not giving you the chance to look back, only to look forward to the on coming chorus. Shambolics never fail to impress and with Creation 23 i’m sure they will gain momentum not just to be indie gems but indie giants.

Howie Payne – It Feels like summer

Already adding to a superb back catalogue of songwriting prowess, ‘it feels like summer’ is the recent single by ex The Stands frontman Howie Payne. Its easy to fall in love with Howies musical expression, every lyric has been cleverly thought out and every instrument brilliantly played by Payne himself. While rubbing shoulders with early noughties bands such as The Coral and The Libertines the influences are blatantly obvious but not blatantly distracting. ‘It feels like summer’ adds to an already triumphant career.

Corella – On wax

Cemented in indie folklore, alternative band Corella bring their latest release ‘On Wax’ to the forefront of indie Mainstream. Already established as significant leaders on the live gig circuit, the band have put all their efforts into their recent single. (Seeing as there are no gigs until the foreseeable) Even though the track was recorded last autumn, mid lockdown is when the lyrics were cleverly thought out and added to the already musically deep track. The theme of emptiness and despair are evident and bring a new dynamic to the band’s repertoire.

Michael Webster – Linger Still

Away from the Sunshine, underneath the Manchester boardwalks lays an alternative punk sound. ‘Linger Still’ is the latest release by singer songwriter Michael Webster. Bringing edgy lyrics and a no nonsense rock’n roll attitude, Michael harnesses the power and demeanor of punk in a 3 minute single. It’s easy to see that influences stem from the 90s seattle grunge movement to modern day indie artists such as Kurt Vile. ‘Linger Still’ is a welcoming addition to any punk rock fan.

Rowlette – Cucumber & Ice

There’s a familiar warming embrace while listening to indie pop sensation Rowlette. ‘Cucumber & Ice’ is her 3rd single release of 2020. Yes, you did read correctly, 3 releases this year alone. That is by anyone’s standards an extraordinary feat. Rowlette’s heartfelt lyrics accompanied with a soft backbeat guitar is a compelling listen. ‘Cucumber & Ice’ expresses tones of togetherness and true friendship. A reminder that one day we will all be able to dance together again and Rowlette’s music is the perfect backdrop.