RGM Recommends – The Singles

The Otherness – A Glimpse Into Otherness

Pop-rock outfit ‘The Otherness’ release their EP ‘A Glimpse Into The Otherness’, and it really does give us a sneak peek of their seemingly feel-good ambience which is prominent throughout the record. Combinations of constant melodic harmony and ever-changing guitar riffs that embrace a post brit-pop sound keep the ear stimulated. ‘Move On’, their leading track, oozes frivolous mischief and levity, but in ‘No Token’, we experience a more serious attitude – and we can guess from this that ‘The Otherness’ aren’t just here for the smiles and laughs. Watch out for this September 25th release.

Soft Jocks – Lemon

Would you like a lemon or a lime? From the title, I think I’ll pick lemon. This fast-paced 1 minute 39 seconds of excitement is packed full of mischievous lines of pop-punk-puns – but this track leaves no bitter aftertaste. A smile is instantly brought to your face as you take in the amusing lyrics. Drum fills and tangy guitars lead for flavoursome listening and is evocative of 90’s and early 00’s garage rock. Released on the 25th of September, this small taste of pure dopamine from ‘Soft Jocks’ will have you reaching for these citrusy fruits. Punchy, quick-witted, clever.

The Maias – Constantine

Imagine this; you’re in the back of a convertible car, dropped the top, warm breeze through your hair, sun in your eyes, music blaring from your speakers. The balmy air matches the enticing tones of this Summer anthem, yet Eva Lightfoot’s haunting voice cools you down like a dip in a pool at midday. This track glitters with electric resonance but is too fresh and airy to be obnoxious in its production, so it still feels genuine. Paired with light synths, reminiscent of 80’s nostalgia pop, I can imagine this tune will be a firm festival-time favourite. This has already been released, so stick it on if you want to steal the last days of Summer with the perfect soundtrack.

Franki – I Meant It

Although it seems ‘Franki’ has something important to say in this track, I can’t help but become possessed by the funky beat which sends this tune into motion. ‘Franki’ is snappy, captivating and particularly moving in this melodious single, and his atmospheric voice drives this, sending shivers down my spine. Slow and serene, ‘I Meant It’ is a soothing bop for the soul. It arrives on the 11th of September, following his debut single ‘Santa Monica’, and really extends on this synth pop aesthetic that he is expanding as he evolves. You’ll find it hard to forget this catchy hook, and I definitely mean it…


This single’s title certainly furrowed my brow, and I would have thought I was sent back to the ’70’s punk era had there not been any lyrical mention of Facebook, Babel or even Megan Markle. Released on the 18th of September, this is edgy, dark, but seriously inviting – ‘PISSING SUPERFLUOUS’ is a dystopian reality for ‘Furrowed Brow’, and they’re offering the listener to see the world from their sinister and tense point of view. This track leaks intelligence through it’s simplicity; rough electric guitar strums underneath raised voices brings back punk, but adjusts it to attacks today’s ears.