RGM Recommends – The Singles


If I had to describe this track in one word: VOCALS. Imogen Storey’s is one of the strongest female voices I have listened to, but she doesn’t take away the intensity of the instruments or meaning to the lyrics at all; she drives it. This single, released on the 25th of September, is fierce and heated, but incredibly sincere in its message: ‘NOVUSTORY’ are no fools when it comes to releasing heavy, hard and loaded tunes. When guitars and drums are in overdrive, tied in with lyrics written to resonate with the listener, you get a banger brimming with force and power – and ‘FOOL’ does not fall short of this.

narcissus – Lost Causes

I love the way this song starts! Mysterious and ruminative is obviously the way ‘narcissus’ like it, and this is reflected in their new indie electronica single ‘lost causes’. This doesn’t mean they don’t like to groove; the breakdown in the middle of the track sees them making use of world drums, and beautiful piano entires. Paired with gorgeous vocals, this track is particularly genre-bending, as it draws on new wave electronic, hip-hop and Madchester-esque ambiance – maybe because these guys are proud Mancunians. Still, memorable and snappy, this new single is astonishingly first-class, showing ‘narcissus’ definitely aren’t a lost cause…

FEVER – Honesty

These lads are coming in hot with this new single – and I can tell because since ‘Honesty’ was released on the 9th of September, it’s all I’ve been seeing. A perfect indie ballad, this track is feel good, love-sick-esque, and catchy as hell. This doesn’t mean ‘FEVER’ are here for the short run. Picked up by Blossom’s independent label ‘Very Clever Records’ and supporting on their upcoming tour, these boys are blooming in popularity by the second, and is it any wonder when they’re releasing atmospheric guitar/synth anthems, and giving us the sparkling summer fix that we’ve needed for so long? I really am catching this fever!

Tabitha Jade – FYI

This new already released single from Merseyside’s Tabitha Jade is slow, sexy and sultry. With her buttery vocals, and deep bass on the track, it’s really no surprise that she is going to high places. Already shortlisted for Glastonbury’s emerging talent competition, and prized by the PRS Foundation (a HUGE deal), ‘FYI’ is another passionate and rich addition to Tabitha’s collection of tracks. This song ranks as RnB gold – reminiscent of British singers IAMDDB and Mahalia, and in with the new wave of Brit RnB which is dominating clubs and bars around the country. Tabitha Jade is already critically acclaimed, and you can expect to see her creeping up into mainstream RnB.

Dalmas – You Say

‘Dalmas’ blur the line between gritty, and glittery with their new single, ‘You Say’. Obvious musical intelligence is prominent during this track, which is released on the 25th of September. Airy and particularly ethereal for an alt-rock anthem, this song changes direction throughout, but ‘Dalmas’ take the chance to tie all the separate riffs and melodies in towards the end, demonstrating that they really know what they’re doing. These guys are heavy on the idea of love being something to work at in the lyrics, and this helps build the track up to a beautiful and sudden climax. I’m excited to see where these lads are headed.