RGM Recommends – The Singles

Sour Honey – Snub

This song makes me so sick and tired of Covid-19! ‘Snub’ has the potential to be a gig favourite, and I can’t wait for lifted restrictions so ‘Sour Honey’ can bang this out on stage somewhere. The false build ups and ever-changing chord changes keep the listener stimulated, and always surprised at what comes next. The slightly out of tune guitars in places give this track an edge, matching the vibe which is what ‘Sour Honey’ seem to be going for. Screeching vocals at the climactic chorus, easy but grungy riffs, volumes that constantly differ – this song has it all. There’s no snobbery about ‘Snub’; its a real, heavy, indie-rock masterpiece.

Childhood Sweetheart – Honey

I love the anger, the passion! This is definitely reflected in the instruments; hard strums and crashes contrast with the constantly changing texture, and glittering melodies leave the listener shivering. This is a euphoric track from ‘Childhood Sweetheart’, and the artwork definitely demonstrates this, too. I’m getting indie rock anthem vibes in ‘Honey’ – memorable choruses and catchy melodies mean this is an ear worm (or a bee?) that you definitely wouldn’t mind having. The lead singer, Sophie, has intense, fierce, and particularly haunting vocals. This track is certainly the bees knees. I might even go as far as saying ‘Childhood Sweetheart’ are as smooth as honey… I’ll stop.

The Motive – You

This is very mysterious to start off with; the tune could take any direction. Then, BAM! A riff with late noughties indie energy, reminiscent of the likes of ‘Peace’ or ‘Two Door Cinema Club’, and I’m definitely here for it. The drumming and guitars complement each other perfectly, and when the vocals come in we know we’re in for an alt-indie treat. ‘You’ is happy, it’s sort of nostalgic, it’s glittering. All these features make this a brilliant take on soft pop rock. It’s short enough to be snappy but long enough so that we can still have a good dance. The harmonies lighten this already floating track from ‘The Motive’.

Sica Limited – Safe Place

Oh, how British RnB is dominating! I love the juxtapositioning of buttery, yet raspy female vocals, to the deep, smooth rap of a male. ‘Safe Place’ is slightly reminiscent of Redlight’s ‘9TS’ in places with ‘Sica Limited’s’ obvious London twang and spoken word at the start of the song. I love the production; there’s a sort of minimalism that’s effective throughout, a clever feature that puts more emphasis on the heavy lyrics. ‘Refound*’ is articulate and intelligent in his addition to this British RnB track. It’s slow, very heartfelt – I’m surprised at the zealousness and heavy subject matter of this tune, but it is paired to perfection with the airy instruments and steady beat. I can’t wait to see more from ‘Sica Limited’ and ‘Refound*’.

FreeVibe – Vibes EP

Okay, this is the epitome of cheese. And I mean, cheesy. This entire EP is feel good, vibey, and particularly corny – but that’s okay! FreeVibe blends hip-hop, rap, pop, and Afro-beat to create a sort of Afro-pop hybrid, and he preaches at us to be positive and happy in ourselves. Even though this definitely isn’t my vibe, it is really refreshing to listen to his tracks where he incorporates his native language and English together. This helps to stimulate the listener and amaze them at his bilingual abilities. The overall ambience is very similar throughout, and I think that’s what makes this a decent, crafty EP that is going to help ‘FreeVibe’ become big on the Afro-Pop scene.