RGM Recommends – The Singles

Arcades – Say Hello

Arcades combine sounds from modern soft rock and alternative sub-genres with a sound which takes you back to the feverish 80’s in their new track ‘Say hello’. The lead single from the upcoming album set to be with you in March contains elements of a somewhat forgotten nostalgic rock soundtrack. There are unmistakable punk themes throughout, mainly portrayed through the passionate and ‘in your face’ vocals by the lead singer. Overall the single transports the audience to a time where rock and the freedom of going against the grain were at the forefront of music. 

Dan Lyons – Part time Creep 

Combining acoustic melodies with the tranquil and transcending vocals, the single Part time Creep would be perfect for staring out the window of a train, Losing yourself in the moody synth of Dan Lyons. The single reflects on a lost love between two people, talking about confidence lost in being hurt by a relationship which didn’t end well. Floaty melodies perfectly complement the story of the track, putting the audience at the forefront of the tale, taking you with singer Dan Lyons on his journey through love, heartbreak and forgiveness.  The single comes in advance of Lyons debut album set to be released in February, and at RGM we are eagerly awaiting more of this beautifully dark music. 

Pentire – Take It Away 

With a sound inspired by music like Catfish and the Bottlemen, DMA’s and Arctic Monkeys, Breakthrough band ‘Pentire’’s single ‘Take it Away’ begins with a strongly rock-influenced sound. The track goes from heavy fast-paced guitar and drums to indie inspired riffs and soft drums from verse to verse changing pace throughout. Vocals remind one of some of ‘You Me at Sixes’ earlier work in parts, holding passion and emphases in parts, then being able to bring it down to a softer melodic sound when needed. The track embodies what alt-rock is about reflecting on a love lost and the emotional effect whilst still showing anger in a sense of getting over someone

Saytr Play – Future 

The track begins initially focused on a spotlighted vocal intro, and transitions into a somewhat nostalgic yet futuristic sound. The single can be described overall as an ’80s/90’s portrayal of the future, with elements of soft rock. There is an electronic instrumental focus throughout, especially through using the electric guitar as one of the main sounds in this track. Saytr Play reminds us of the Killers with strong vocals over an upbeat High energy track, which makes for a powerful song. 

The Black Hats – All We Ever Wanted

To begin with, the track has a moody dark feel, gradually building to a more uplifting and fast pace sound. Sonically we are taken on a journey of feeling like you want to be someone else or in a better life and having to come to terms with who you are and accept it. The way the track dips in and out of moody synths and an upbeat backing track fits the story the song aims to tell perfectly, as it takes you on the ups and downs of life. There is a modern pop rock/ indie pop sound to the whole track, which follows on their new EP ‘Bad News Telephone’. RGM are looking forward to hearing more from this “ahead of the crop” band and expect to hear and see more in the near future.