RGM Recommends – The Singles

Blue River – Kiss Kiss

Cornish foursome Blue River add to their already impressive set of singles on October 2nd, with a guns-blazing rock ‘n’ roll banger in the shape of ‘Kiss Kiss’. The band’s influences are in the current crop of rising guitar pop stars, but ‘Kiss Kiss’ punches above its weight, sharing more in common with indie giants of times past.

The key to this tune’s stature is confidence. They deliver all the swagger of a britpop classic with conviction and, unlike many newer bands, they sound incredibly relaxed doing it. This lusty rock anthem does exactly what it came to do, clocking in at a short, sharp 2:00. It’s simply irresistible, and with the band already racking up considerable amounts of radio play, it surely can’t be long before they catch on in a big way.

Blue River - Kiss Kiss single cover

Kingfast – Under My Skin

A melting pot of pop, soul and hip-hop awaits listeners of Kingfast’s new single ‘Under My Skin’, available on October 9th. Beginning with a slice of slick piano-balladry, the Liverpool songwriter’s tale of a love maybe too-close-for-comfort bubbles under with atmospherics as beguiling as they are dark and creeping. After the first chorus, the track bursts into life with a colourful beat, adding further layers to the already rich dynamic.

Kingfast’s delivery is passionate and technically more than capable. From the first line, vocal gymnastics abound; while impressive, this delivery does at times distract from the heartfelt lyricism and perhaps would dazzle more if saved for the right moment. Overall, this doesn’t detract too much from the quality of this smooth, yet an intriguingly atmospheric piece of pop.

Kingfast - Under My Skin single cover

Madame So – Who Are We to Judge?

All manner of 90s throwbacks have become commonplace in modern guitar music, and it is in this spirit that we find Paris-born Madame So on her latest cut. Shoegaze jangle-pop with hints of grunge and riot grrrl, ‘Who Are We to Judge?’ (out September 25th) is a slightly polished effort from the indie-punk soloist, following the more raw energy of her previous singles.

With lyrics celebrating the carefree attitudes of youth, this song comes packed with four-chord retro-punk vibes and a glimmer of a more ‘out-there’ sound through the multi-layered guitars. It feels a little as though the artist could be experimenting a little more; there are times where the four-chord barrage could spiral into something a little more distinctive. Nevertheless, this is a perfectly catchy effort that will certainly find a home on the playlists of any 90s revivalists.

Madame So - Who Are We to Judge single cover

Kyro Jones – Walk With Me

Released on October 1st, Kyro Jones’s latest single ‘Walk With Me’ is a hard rocker for listeners whose priorities are loud guitars, loud guitars and loud guitars – this tune would not sound out of place on the rockier end of Radio 1’s A-list.

The frenetic instrumental powers up a big-hitter chorus well enough. However, ‘Walk With Me’ feels lyrically uninspired, with edgy-rock-by-numbers references to the subject’s “sins”: Murder? Tax evasion? We don’t get to find out. One thing is for sure – lines like “oh pretty baby, you know you drive me crazy” aren’t going to be anyone’s first choice for an Instagram caption anytime soon.

This is clearly the work of a very talented group, and the seeds of a more defining sound have been planted. ‘Walk With Me’ leaves you hoping that they’ll find it soon.

Kyro Jones - Walk With Me single cover

Gazillions – Reach The Sun

What should you expect from Gazillions on third single ‘Reach The Sun?’ A straightforward serving of indie executed to perfection. Lyrically conjuring visual metaphors and contrast between dance and surrender, ‘Reach The Sun’ (out now) springs into life with an indie disco beat and gloriously sunny guitar hooks, before adding some shade to the light with a couple of short breakdowns. It’s catchy, melodic and would fit right into an old NME club night comp in the best way possible.

With this single, the Sheffield four-piece balance irresistible melody with enough garage rock ‘n’ roll sensibility to grab your attention from the moment they kick into action. When live music returns, this is sure to be a favourite among audiences.

Gazillions - Reach The Sun single cover