RGM Recommends – The Singles

George Farrar – You And I

‘George Farrar’ of ‘Dalmas’ is all guns-a-blazing in this fast paced, grungy, yet groovy instalment to his repertoire. But, I feel like ‘You And I’ could have been slightly well better produced. I’m not sure whether this was the sound he was going for, but the vocals almost seem rushed in terms of production – and this is a massive shame considering the lyrics are so clever and thought provoking in this track. However, I’m still blown away by the change of atmosphere when heavy guitars come in, like a sudden cold wind blowing over you. Farrar’s voice is reminiscent of DMA’s frontman, Tommy O’Dell, and is fresh, light; completely in contrast to the crashing drums and scratchy electric guitars. Watch out for this 9th October release.

The Heavy Hands – Devil’s Gonna Get Ya

I wanted to put my cowboy hat on and do a little dance when I listened to ‘The Heavy Hands’ new track. This is predominantly country with an alternative atmosphere, and I’m definitely seeing where people find their love for country music. These guys know how to use their brilliance to create a tune filled with acoustic and electric guitars, surprising harmonies and husky male vocals. All these factors make ‘Devil’s Gonna Get Ya’ a perfect take on countrified rock, reminiscent of legends, The Eagles. The Devil is probably onto these guys anyway… on his way to steal their song.

Cuffs – You Make Me Sick

Not quite sure, but I think someone might have made ‘Cuffs’ angry…? Something about the repeated lines of ‘Who the fuck do you think you are?’ ‘Dirty fucking prick’ makes me think that someone has done ‘Cuffs’ dirty. Politically charged, energetic, and, er… shouty, this is a heavy head-banger that will most definitely have everyone jumping up and down in unified anger in a sweaty, low-ceilinged gaff somewhere (when we’re all allowed to, of course). I’m reminded of a heavier version of IDLES, and this is coincidental considering both of these bands are from Bristol. These guys are definitely miffed off, and I’d say stick around if you want to hear their current opinion on Great Britain right now.

Cypher16 – Its A Long Way Back (From This Road)

I am blown away by how well produced this track is – but then again, this perfection is usually the case where metal music is concerned. The levels are all in impeccable balance with each other, so the listener can have the optimal listening experience. Jack Doolan, the lead singer/guitarist, is clear and concise in his vocals throughout the track, and I am heavily reminded of Metallica vocalist James Hetfield. ‘Cypher16’ are intelligent and driving in ‘Its A Long Way Back (From This Road)’, and this a great featuring song for their new up and coming album; what a way to start a record?

Jessmo – Dance It All Out EP

This is an EP brimming full of electric pop beats. Jessmo’s vocals are incredibly arresting throughout, sometimes slightly taking away from the instruments playing behind. I love the instruments on this EP – they’re telling of the popularity of dance rhythms and beats in South East Asia. Dance It All Out is an interesting EP in terms of lyrical content; Jessmo sort of gives the impression that love, hope and music is the ‘answer’. My favourite is the title track, ‘Dance It All Out’ – it is a great opener and the most musically intelligent in terms of beat and melody. Jessmo is definitely on her way up, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her creeping up the Top 40 in time to come.