Red Rum Club – The Elevation

Funky bass line, tick. Groovy drums and vibrant guitars, tick. Brass section, tick. A song about WhatsApp messaging app, blue tick. Whatever Liverpools ‘Red Rum Club’ turn their musical prowess to, they don’t just succeed, they elevate. ‘The Elevation’ is the brand new single from the recently released anticipated second album ‘The Hollow of Humdrum’. The track itself focuses on those testing and impatient times waiting on that text back, we’ve all been there waiting to either send or receive. Or both! Musically, the horns/brass section are the show stealer, without them this would still be a great track but they add so much texture and depth. It’s hard to imagine Red Rum Club without them. Deliberate or not there’s a Turner-esque/Last shadow puppets vibe, which is always inviting. If you’re a fan of Blossoms and/or Wallows then checkout Red Rum Club, whatsapp your mates.

Harry Heart – Burden

‘Burden’ is the latest release from the acoustically chilled Harry Heart. With stripped back vocals and bare essential acoustic guitar, why try and fix a formula that has been proven to work, time and time again. Lyrically Harry conjures up pain, loss and most importantly a sense of wonder. The effect of addiction and habits ultimately having deliberate consequences on yourself and others around. I would’ve loved to hear Harry go up a gear and add some raw power, maybe step out of that folk-pop acoustic net. Cat Stevens and Bright eyes are evident influences and ‘Burden’ wouldn’t look out of place next to these on the record shelf.

Will and the people – Justify

With an already soaring popularity it’s easy to see why Brighton based band Will and the people are becoming Will and the peoples band. ‘Justify’ is the newest single from a pretty explosive back catalogue. With previous releases ‘Gigantic’ and ‘Salamander’ it’s fairly evident to see that influences spur from Vampire Weekend and Bombay Bicycle Club to name a few, there’s no reason for them not to be playing on the same stage as these bands in the not so near future. It’s easy to get lost in the mix but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, everything blends well together and leaves you going back for more, to see what you may have potentially missed. ‘Justify is just one example of how versatile Will and the people are.

Scixnce- Stripping in Berlin

If you’re a fan of The XX, Charli XCX and Alvays then the chances are you will like Scixnce. Debut single ‘Stripping in Berlin’ has already gained momentum by being featured on BBC introducing and other national radio stations. Like the title track insists there isn’t much to strip the track down to. As well as being melodic and harmonious there is a certain repetitiveness which at times is slightly vexing but not completely irritating. Having said that that’s why the track works so well.  ‘Stripping in Berlin’ may be a metaphor for something and i’m sure is open to interpretation. Make your own mind up. 

Bacchanal – Alice in Sunderland

‘Alice in Sunderland’ is the current release from the Surrey indie-rockers. With a punchy bass line and grove tingling drums the track is a confident nod to bands such as The Pixies, Talking heads, and obviously a big thumbs up to indie giants such as the Arctics and The Strokes. Vocally the start and stop approach takes away the fluidity of the track, it would have possibly flowed better if the vocals had one foot bolted to the gas pedal. Like many others I will be waiting patiently for the band to appear on my Spotify Discover Weekly Playlist.