RGM Recommends – The Singles

Family Jools – U Got It Going On

‘Family Jools’ really do have something going on with their new track. Simple and easy listening, this is a 70’s vibe indie disco that will have your toes tapping. Whilst this isn’t their best song in terms of a stand-out single, it still has a nice, catchy feel and a riff that is happy and all-round positive. Sometimes, we need nothing more than a four-chords track, especially where pop is concerned, and this is delivered to perfection. I love the production of the vocals, and the guitar solo is a good break for a song that is steady and effortless. A great addition to ‘Family Jools’.

The Pretty Visitors – Head In The Sand

The drums hit you in the face straight away – and I’m all here for it. This is different, and definitely one of my favorite tracks right now. ‘The Pretty Visitors’ are clever, articulate, and overall outstanding in this indie rock anthem of fast spoken word, tangy guitars, and intelligent harmonies. The drums never stop, inferring the urgency and compelling subject matter of the lyrics. ‘Head In The Sand’ is catchy without an ounce of cheesiness, just explicit and uncensored brilliance throughout the entire 3 minutes 53 seconds. They have already been played on Radio X, and I have a feeling that we will be seeing a lot more of these lads in time to come… and I’m absolutely ready.

Johnny Black – Loneliness

I don’t know how, and I don’t know why, but I am so reminded of the Trainspotting and T2 soundtrack…? This is a good thing, by the way. The listener is thrown back to ’80’s indie-pop, with slightly out of tune synths and soothing vocals which are reminiscent of New Order. Johnny Black is a great example of how the Blackburn music scene is growing and growing, following in the tracks of their Northern neighbours over in Manchester. ‘Loneliness’ is a fast, intense single, with intelligent riffs and repeated important lyrics. This tune is so big, I couldn’t imagine it anywhere else other than on a movie soundtrack. An amazing single for Johnny Black.

Kelindo – Long Gone

Kelindo is showing off his guitar skills in this classic rock anthem, and why wouldn’t you if you were as skilled as him? Heavy American sounds are prominent throughout this track; hard drums and driving electric guitars, with soft yet forceful vocals, make for a headbanging addition to Kelindo’s repertoire. He creates an intense atmosphere that I imagine will have the crowd going wild when we’re actually allowed to leave our houses… *sigh*. ‘Long Gone’ is catchy, loud, and wants to be heard.

Regent – Today

As soon as ‘Regent’s vocalist started singing I was instantly reminded of The Verve. This single is melodious, slow, serene, but immensely driving – especially in the chorus and bridges. Repetitive vocals are interesting in ‘Today’, as they press the importance of their meaning, and add to the tone of the track. It is sad, but it is sort of hopeful, much because of the heavier drums and long electric guitar solo towards the end of the track. ‘I don’t know if I’ll love again’ is an immense phrase to be repeated, and is uttered once again when the track slows down and comes to a close. This is a beautiful addition for ‘Regent’, and I definitely believe these guys are here for the long run.