Skylights, the York based rock band have recently delivered their gorgeous second single. The track itself is intended to make listeners feel emotional and that is exactly what it does. With Skylights writing and producing the tune in lockdown, vocalist and lyricist Rob Scarisbrick said, ‘I think the song captures the fear and emotion felt by many around the lockdown. It brought the best and worst out of people’.

‘Darkness Falls’ is a relatable song for a lot of people, but unlike other songs within the rock genre, the band threw in a whole orchestral sound and on top of the somber lyrics, it works and very well. With similarities to The Verve and Manic Street Preachers, Skylights seem to be gaining quality popularity. There is no doubt that this song will take off, it is everything you could want for a song that makes you feel something deep down. The release comes from 42s records and is even available on vinyl now!


Andrew Cushin, the 20 year old, rising talent from Newcastle has teamed up with Noel Gallagher on his recent single ‘Where’s My Family Gone’. Cushin gained the attention of Noel Gallagher from his earlier single ‘Waiting for the Rain’ and has led to a good friendship between the two. The pair created this amazing tune with Noel even playing guitar and singing backing vocals.

Lyrically, this single is so raw, beautiful and nothing short of captivating as you hear the emotions in his powerful vocals. Simple yet effective guitar riffs alongside, the string arrangement, piano melody, and unreal guitar solo, it just creates this wonderful piece of music which you really can listen to on repeat and not get bored.

If you are a fan of the small band Oasis or Sam Fender, Jake Bugg, Damien rice then you will love Andrew Cushin and it is safe to say that after just 3 single releases, he is already and will continue to make it massively in the music industry!


Heavyman are back with their third single ‘Loose Lips’. The London based, alt-rock four piece are not shy of a heavy tune, with their debut single being released early 2020 gaining them a strong 13.8k streams it is obvious that there was a gap in the industry just waiting for them.

From the beginning of this single to the end it is purely electrifying and so fun, although if you dig a little deeper you will realise that lyrically the band are putting their strong and dark opinions out towards the current state of affairs around the world. Catchy guitar lines and jaunty grooves give ‘Loose Lips’ that powerful energy which you can already see transferring so well to a live audience.

Heavyman definitely give me Nothing But Thieves and Royal Blood vibes, so if you are a fan of either of them you will love Heavyman! With 2020 being the big start in the bands career, they are definitely one to follow, as undoubtedly, they’ll have big things coming up.


Brighton based, ‘Indie Rock’ band, Dirt Royal have just released their debut album ‘Great Expectations’. With the leading single ‘Glory Days’ giving the band their Spotify popularity it was definitely a good choice to release in 2018.

The album itself is more on the Rock side which in turn is quite hard for any indie fans to thoroughly enjoy. It is slightly unclear which genre Dirt Royal want to be placed in and should probably not be pigeonholed. Although there is no doubt that Dirt Royal are a very talented group, the album is put together well and each song brings something new to the table instead of everything sounding the same, like a lot of the basic indie bands do nowadays.

As a whole the album gives off The Libertines vibes and is very suggestive that some influence has been taken from ‘Up The Bracket’. Would definitely give it a listen if you are a fan of The Clash, The Cribs and of course The Libertines.

Garden Party – In The Middle

Manchester-based Indie band, Garden Party are new to the music scene, with their first single ‘Tomorrow’ being released in July. With ‘Tomorrow’ bringing the band a fair few fans and streams (6.9k) they have a lot at stake with the release of their second single ‘In The Middle’.

The tune is soaked in modern indie/pop, with obvious inspiration taken from Catfish and the Bottlemen. Lyrically this is very potent and written well and with raw emotion, however the guitar riff throughout could be a little less assertive. Although this is not to say that the guitar solo at around 3 minutes isn’t great, because it is definitely what makes the song have a strong personality.

In The Middle will be released 6th November and is definitely one to listen to if you are a fan of Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Hunna and Blossoms.