The Southern Gothic – Past Midnight 

If you’re a fan of alt country rock then there is no doubt that Nashville’s Southern Gothic are already on your musical radar. With a unique blend of Americana, country and alternative pop there’s no doubt since their formation they have gained commercial and worldwide success. With stints on Country and other billboard charts across America there’s no slowing Southern Gothic down, with their catchy country chorus’ it’s easy to see why.

‘Past Midnight’ is the latest release from the Nashville outfit. From an outsider looking in and only partially exposed to country music i wasn’t sure what i had let myself in for. As soon as the track starts it’s almost a homage to 80’s supergroup Mike & the Mechanics, which is not a bad thing at all. It’s not until you bypass the verse and get into that insane country chorus that you stumble into that americana/grass roots country feel, its 100% americana. Southern Gothic have this great ability to be diverse and unseemingly imitate other styles without taking anything away from their country roots. 

I’m sure ‘Past Midnight’ will become the band’s biggest entry into the charts and I’m positive it will be an encore played from gig to gig. So if you’re unfamiliar with americana/country then get out of your comfort zone and give Southern Gothic a listen. I’m certain you will soon be discovering their back catalogue.

Alba – Sister

Since RGMs last review of ‘Mass Extinction’, Alba is back. Latest single ‘Sister’ displays a growing maturity in Albas music and is a welcomed addition to previous releases. There’s no doubt that Alba still has that Rock’n Roll attitude, but ‘Sister’ is a laid back track which is accompanied by that soulified rhythm section. The bass and drums could have easily been borrowed from an Al Green track or anything similar with that tight groove. Vocally Alba has grown as an artist and matured with modern day. ‘Sister’ is a purified soul track from start to finish and there’s so much emotion and power seeping out. For fans of Etta James, Joss Stone and of course Amy Winehouse. So if you’re a fan of soul filled rock ‘n’ roll be sure to check out Alba.

Wilko Wilkes – Daddy Shark

Now don’t be put off with the slightly younger title track but yorkshire’s own alternative fast rap artist Wilko Wilkes is back to put a smile on your face. ‘Daddy Shark’ is the next installment in Wilkes’ repertoire of speed induced tracks. With cleverly thought out lyrical compositions and immersive vocal structures it’s too easy to be captivated and inspired by wilkes’ fast tracks. The melody guides the vocals swiftly through every bend and is consistently showing off wilkes’ talents as an artist and rapper. If you’re not a fan of rap/fast rap I would highly recommend Wilko Wilkes, it’s just a matter of time before his talent is recognised. Until then, check him out. That’s a rap!   

BECAH – Ghost

Indie fans fear not, BECAH is back, and back with the most pulsating track to date. ‘Ghost’ is not just indie goodness it’s a stone-cold indie essential. The track relies heavily on a fairly simple piano chord progression along with deeply sensitive vocals, it’s not until you reach the chorus that the song explodes into fairly recognisable BECAH territory, it’s as welcoming as it is haunting. For fans of Muse and Twenty One Pilots to name a few then you will love BECAH. Be sure to add her to your new release radar, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss the rise of this indie treat.

Luke Royalty ft. Sweets – I could get used to this

If you’re not already familiar with Luke Royalty then I’m almost positive after you hear the latest release ft. Sweets ‘I could get used to this’ then you will be instantly hooked. Luke blends music such as hip-hop, R&B and soul and makes it his own. Luke’s music is easily identified with a growing community across the country. With already being signed to Soul Kitchen Recordings it’s fairly simple to see where this talent will climb to in the future. The collaboration with Manchester-based Sweets allows for a completely dynamic sound, which can’t be replicated or re-packaged. Sweets’ underground vocals fuse both soul and pop with Rap origins, it’s a unique blend. Be sure to check out Luke Royalty, you won’t be disappointed.