Sloth – Red Queen

Since bursting onto the Glasgow grunge circuit in late 2019, Glaswegian rockers Sloth are already making a name for themselves. ‘Red Queen’ is the follow up to this year’s earlier released ‘Kick Me Out’. There’s a real DIY, hard-working ethic feel when listening to Sloth’s music, but that’s the whole punk rock vision. Do it yourself because nobody is going to do it for you. The track is filled with utter raw power which is a blend of all fills and no thrills guitar and the explosive bridges which lead to those overindulgent chorus’. Sloth’s punk/grunge sound is developing strongly from the recording equipment of the bedroom floor. Get the boys into a studio ASAP and hear them grow. 

Reilly James – Games

There’s a real flirtatious feel when listening to Reilly James’ music, a concoction of musical oddities that just sit by side, comfortably. ‘Games’ is the new single to be released by Reilly James and doesn’t disappoint. Like previous releases, Reilly’s music does a great job of exploring and inventing new dynamic sounds that don’t just work but work well. The way those indie driven guitars combine with the synths and the keys is glorious. The combination develops consistency throughout the track, it’s very very immersive. I couldn’t help but have the track on repeat and I’m sure you will do too. So for fans of indie artists such as Boy Pablo and Balue, and also fans of The XX and MGMT, then you need to add Reilly James to your playlists.

Chloë Beth Rogers – Yours

Is there anything more refreshing or exhilarating than finding a new artist that completely grips you? Thought not. Chloë Beth Rogers is the latest act to find herself on my never ending new artists playlist. Hailing from the town of Pontypool in Wales, Chloës soulful vocals are rich with maturity and storytelling, just like that of her Hometown. ‘Yours’ is somewhat of a modern day RNB and soul certified gem. With the jazz and acoustic guitars (played by Archie Baker) leaving room for Chloës heartwarming, soul zesting vocals the track is full to the brim with nostalgic nods to the jazz and RNB stars of yesteryear. If you’re a fan of Lianne La Havas then I highly suggest you start listening to Chloë Beth Rogers. Immediately.

Jamie Button – Flashbang 

Try and imagine Catfish and the Bottlemen combined with Gerry Cinnamon. Done it ? Then you would have Jamie Button. With explosive chorus’ and riff galore guitars there’s no reason not to have heard of Jamie Button previously, the new single ‘Flashbang’ will soon change that. For those of you who have already been introduced to the Glaswegian indie artist then you would already be familiar with the chorus driven, alternative guitar drenched formula. Then it’s no surprise that ‘Flashbang’ delivers the same indie goodness as previous singles. Already destined to be an unmissable live act, only time will tell how Button will fare in this vast indie landscape.

The Barely Responsible – Boundaries 

There must something in the Scottish air that drives you to want and to be in a Rock’N’Roll band. The Barely Responsible are no exception and offer a welcoming invitation to what is fastly becoming the indie hub of the U.K. The Bearly responsible is the brainchild of Blair Gilmour and with help from longtime friend and bass player Kyle Mcfie they are quickly becoming the next best Scottish rockers. Already establishing a following in a short period of time. ‘Boundaries’ is a modern-day, broken down love song. The vocals are harmoniously phrased, which give much more meaning to the well thought out lyrics. It’s an embracing take on an all so familiar tale of breakups and break downs. For fans of early KOL, Twin peaks, and Smashing Pumpkins, then The Barely Responsible will easily find themselves onto your next release radar.