RGM Recommends – The Singles

Fruitz – Daydream

The new track from Dublin indie outfit Fruitz ebbs and flows between vocals backed only by minimal drum beats, and hard-hitting, in-your-face rocky sections.

Launching straight into croaky vocals, there is no mistaking from the off this is intended to be anthemic, and it mostly succeeds. It’s a tune that keeps you guessing, and the change ups in it keep it fresh throughout, ensuring what starts reminiscent of a sing along anthem, ends up being a full blown banger.

A really impressive and complex track, well worth a listen.

TAMSYN – Ellie O

Opinionated, bold yet uplifting, Ellie O is a cinematic tale of a woman exploring her sexuality, told though a mix of floaty vocals and flowing guitar riffs. Opening with a Roman Payne quote “…She belonged to no man, and no city”, the tone is set for a quite beautifully defiant track.

The composition of the track has hints of The Smiths, mainly from the vocals, and in true Morrissey style it garners most of its strength from the ultra-descriptive lyrics, which really strive to paint an elaborate picture of this mystery girl. 

It’s hard to pigeon hole this track into genre, but if poetic and smoothing indie floats your boat, this is for you.

Camens – Handbrake

Finding a balance somewhere between rock and pop, Stoke On Tent band Camens have created a catchy ‘indie-disco’ tune with their new single Handbrake. 

Throughout, the riffs remind you of the Vampire Weekend-esque late naughties indie-pop era, but when combined with some pretty heavy drumming and strong vocals contrast that to create something which offers to best from two different scenes. 

Lead singer Scott Powell describes the song as being about the times when you and your girlfriend aged seventeen, and that definitely translates into the sound. It’s innocent, it’s enjoyable, and all in all, it’s a good tune.

Laurens Court – Burn

A moody and haunting stripped back track, this track sees Laurens court divert from the grunge roots and head in a much more Radiohead-like direction. 

By design Burn makes you feel uneasy, it almost has the feel of the natural soundtrack, and although it is a much cleaner sound than what we have heard from them before, they do remind us they are still a rock band as they plough through a still very grungy chorus. 

This track is a precursor to a self-titled album we are told to expect this Spring, and if it is anything to go off, we can expect a dark, but all round impressive LP very soon.

Darragh Chaplin – Relic Fashion

Clearly inspired by the likes of The 1975 this track sits somewhere between spoken word and electronic if you can imagine such a thing.

At the heart of it, this tune is an intimate honest poem, which has then been edited into a pop song, in my opinion, a little too much, as it takes away from the strength of the lyrics, and Darragh’s voice, which is beautifully melodic.

A good tune, but I would love to hear something more stripped back from this lad, and I’m sure he will continue to experiment with some more weird and wonderful sounds, and push his talent to the limit.