Sheffield’s Femur have just recently released ‘Misery Express’ and what an amazing tune, the only way to listen to this song is on repeat and on the highest volume.

Musically there is no waiting about for the heaviness of Femur that we know from their previous releases like ‘Sharkoflage’. ‘Misery Express’ is one to look forward to hearing live, Femur are not shy to a loud and chaotic performance and this tune will just go off live, but for now we will have to wait.

All in all, there is no flaws in this release, it is everything and more you would want from the grunge, rock band. If there is any justice in the music industry, then Femur will have one hell of a massive career. If you are a fan of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Idles, The Wytches then you will love Femur!


Electro-pop, Midlands based, singer-songwriter, Darla Jade has just released yet another beautiful tune, making this her 5th release this year. ‘Ghost in Me’ like a lot of Jade’s other singles, talks about losing a loved one in a very cutting and haunting way.

The track itself was created over a year ago with help from Simon Pereira, Lucan Mills, and Rhys Fletcher, but was wisely released just two days before Halloween. This track shows a side of Darla Jade that isn’t shown much, it is a lot darker than her previous releases but still keeps her upbeat personality on show.

With gaining popularity from BBC Introducing and a lot of streams on Spotify, Darla Jade will definitely be one to keep an eye out for in the future.


After 2 years without music from the Bristol based band, Wilding, they have well and truly come back with a bang. ‘Falling Dreams’ is everything you would expect, and more from the psychedelic, Britpop band.

With the amount of time on creatives hands at the minute, it is no surprise we have new music from Wilding; “We’ve been tinkering away on this song for well over a year now and truly believe that this track could be a difference maker for us”.

‘Falling Dreams’ is such a timeless piece, you can hear the similarities to Blur, whilst at the same time adding a pop-punk esque sound. If you are a fan of any 90s artists, Wolf Alice, Smashing Pumpkins, then Wilding will definitely be up your street.


Manchester based trio, Dalmas release their second single ‘Prevail’. With their first release ‘You Say’ gaining support from the BBC, this single had a lot to live up to, and it definitely has not failed. From beginning to end ‘Prevail’ makes you want to sing along and scream the lyrics.

It is 2 and a half minutes of pure rock and you can hear some inspiration taken from Nothing But Thieves and Foo Fighters. Musically, the strong drumbeat, and powerful guitar riffs overpower the vocals, but it is done very well.

Overall, if you are a fan of rock music then there is nothing you will dislike about Dalmas, they are such a talented and unique band, with the drummer, George Farrar taking the role of lead vocals. The music industry has a gap in the market for Dalmas, and I think a lot of people are predicting big things for the future of the band.


Sunbirds, a Stockport based, country band, have released their newest single ‘Meet You on the Northside’ as part of their upcoming album ‘Cool To Be Kind’. The band consists of Dave Hemmingway, Beautiful South founder, Phil Barton, Marc Parnell and Laura Wilcockson.

‘Meet You on the Northside’ is such a feel-good song, which you can just imagine playing in the car in Summertime. It is a song that we are all in need of at the minute to lift the spirits. After a couple listens you will find yourself singing along as it is so catchy, definitely one to get radio time.

The song itself isn’t too complex, it is just 3 and a half minutes of enjoyable, simplistic sounds. That is not to say the tune isn’t a great listen, as it is so easy to get into it and be entertained by. Anyone who is a fan of Americana and Country music will love the new release from Sunbirds!