RGM Recommends – The Singles

Lucid Dreams – Appletree

This a nice nod to nostalgia, a good direction to take in a song which is a happy, feel-good 3 minutes. It is very simple, though, but has some nice harmonies and melody lines in the chorus. The texture seems really thin, maybe due to the simplicity of the chord structure, but this is built up on during the chorus to give the listener something a little bit more interesting to listen to. A mischievous tone is prominent throughout ‘Appletree’, presenting us with the idea that ‘Lucid Dreams’ want to show us nothing more than fun times and frivolity.

The Royston Club – Mrs Narcissistic

Whilst listening to this, all I could think of was which noughties British chick-flick this song would have been on… ‘Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging,’ maybe? ‘Mrs. Narcissistic’ is a Scouting for Girls eat-your-heart-out indie anthem, with huge choruses and tangy electric guitars throughout. ‘The Royston Club’ have been clever and sort of cheeky when it came to these lyrics, making this a track to make 15 year old fan girls swoon. I really like this; all we sometimes need is a bit of lighthearted fun and a dancing beat when it comes to indie, and ‘The Royston Club’ have absolutely delivered.

Odillia ft Snoop Dogg – Break It Down

It’s no secret that Snoop Dogg is of RnB Royal status… but that doesn’t necessarily mean every track he features on is a success. But he definitely makes ‘Break It Down’ a damned bit better. Odillia has good ideas in this track; nicely layered harmonies and RnB beats, so all she needs is somewhat more meaningful lyrics. I find it comical how Snoop just repeats ‘Break It Down’ over Odillia’s singing every so often, but this was one of the only emotions I felt when listening, so I welcomed it. Odillia has better tracks, and a gorgeous voice to show off, so this track doesn’t exactly stand out in her repertoire… but still, I’ll listen to any tune with Snoop Dogg featuring. Who wouldn’t?

Estella – Wasting My Time

Tingling sensations down my spine all the way through; her angelic voice and glittering electric guitars are reminiscent of 80’s synth pop. ‘Wasting My Time’ is catchy as hell, in the most gorgeous way. The melodies are ethereal, especially when paired with the dance beat and the interesting chord pattern. The chorus, well, I hope you enjoy having songs in your head all day; Estella repeats, ‘Time,’ showing off her beautiful voice to perfection. She definitely isn’t wasting my time (unless you count playing this song on repeat for the next week), and she absolutely won’t be wasting yours.

Foxglove – Bright Lights

Drums hit you right away, and I am instantaneously reminded of Wolf Alice (my favorite band in the entire world), or moreso Pale Waves. Abigail White’s voice is strong and driving, leading the instruments and the track in an interesting direction. The tone has aspects of urgency, especially paired with the creative lyrics and full texture. The production is outstanding; whoever mixed the vocals has serious game. This is an alt-indie synth masterpiece, and every time I listen I experience something I didn’t notice last time. ‘Bright Lights’ is a great addition to ‘Foxglove’s collection of tunes, and I am very impressed.