The Light Show – Not because of you 

In the absence of live music, now is the perfect time to listen to as much new music as possible. Fortunately, there seems to be an abundance of tracks being written and recorded while we wait for those music venues to once again open their sweating doors. The Light Show are no strangers to those wild, intimate, sweaty gigs and ‘Not because of you’ is the band’s latest single to be added to their indie-esque repertoire. With a no nonsense approach, the guitars drive the song into familiar territory, too familiar perhaps. The quick paced track, packed with brash lyrical prowess will certainly become a new fan favourite. So if you’re a fan of early noughties indie bands such as The Hives and The Vines then be sure to check out The Light Show. Raise a plastic pint at the next gig.

Chloe Mogg – Attack 

In an overpopulated, bland, commercial landfill we look to where we can for inspiration and hope. Welcome Chloe Mogg. A breath of fresh air in a pop based polluted landscape. ‘Attack’ is Chloe’s third single release from her highly anticipated debut album. With a chilled, exuberating, sophistication, Chloe’s music is reminiscent to that of Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith, haunting but yet inviting. The song is all about Chloe’s take on her own perils, which will resonate and connect with countless others. Don’t be scared to embrace something unexpected.


If you haven’t already heard of art rock based, synth infused indie prodigals Sylvette then where have you been ? No. Really. Where ? With an already expanding fan base and an indulgent back catalogue it’s fairly easy to see why Sylvette are so infectious. ’Kelpius’ is the latest art synth tinged single to be released into the wild and is an eager reminder to how much the Manchester five piece has evolved. Produced by Phil Cunningham and Jake Evans, the Manchester sound is obviously evident. Compelling is an understatement to say the least. The track itself is as mystifying as it is embracing. It’s atmospheric but not overwhelming. It’s anthemic. With influences ranging from Gary Numan to Radiohead, Sylvette are easily at the forefront of art rock. 

Brunchbox- Dreaming

After a hiatus of not playing, writing or recording, basically not being in a band together. Three piece Brunchbox are back. ‘Dreaming’ is the new release and is by far, a step apart from the bands previous releases and a welcomed one at that. Let’s not kid ourselves, we all love an indie feelgood track. Brunchbox have delivered, and delivered with conviction. Picture Mac Demarco’s breezy guitars alongside the addictive chorus’ of Viola Beach and you’ll have the sound of Brunchbox. ‘Dreaming’ is destined to be that feel good indie drenched track.

Phantom Booth – The Bath sessions

The Bath Sessions is the latest release by Reading based alt band Phantom Booth. It’s a collective of five tracks which have all been recorded acoustically. Think of it as an Unplugged or previously unreleased collection of tunes. Tracks include Blind Emotion, I’m tired and i want to go home and the Travellers. It’s a soothing and unpretentious blend of positivity and acoustic goodness. It’s almost blatantly obvious who the main influence of the band is. Think Albert Hammond Jr and we’re on the same page. The stand out track for me is ‘Blind Emotion’. Its filled with Casablancas seamless phrasing along with a careless attitude. But still keeping all emotion in the vocals. So do yourself a favour, go and listen to Phantom Booth. RGM sent you!