RGM Recommends – The Singles


NOVUSTORY have this week returned with their latest offering, ‘Damaged’. The band, hailing from Manchester, have reinvented their sound for this one, grabbing listeners with their emotive lyrics and lead singer Imogen Storey’s powerful vocal. ‘Damaged’ was recorded in lockdown, proving NOVUSTORY’s talent. With every release, NOVUSTORY excel, and with this new direction, NOVUSTORY build a seriously impressive catalogue of stadium worthy tracks.

Pinlight – Grow Slow

Pinlight (alias of hearing-impaired singer-songwriter Jenny Laahs) is set to return this month with her new single, ‘Grow Slow’. The track is an upbeat electro alt-pop number, recorded in mono to reflect Jenny’s hearing loss. ‘Grow Slow’ is reminiscent of Christine & The Queens, with soft vocals over a tuneful hook which is destined to get listeners’ toes tapping. In future, it would be great to see Pinlight go out of her comfort zone to offer something even more exciting.

Black Bear Kiss – When I Break

More mellow and relaxed than their previous releases, Black Bear Kiss have released their newest track, ‘When I Break’. The track features amazing instrumentation, with self-reflective, relatable lyrics that see the band talk about the struggles that come with each step in life. Black Bear Kiss have constantly released strong tracks, with this being a standout addition to their discography.

Jim Hudson – Bones

Wolverhampton’s Jim Hudson has this month released his new single, ‘Bones’. Rising drums mix beautifully with a rocking guitar riff which pushes the track into the limelight, it really packs a punch. Jim Hudson himself delivers a unique, powerful vocal, telling an important message of even when you feel alone, you are not alone. As Jim Hudson grows as an artist, his tracks have a deeper, meaningful message which listeners shall adore.

Sam Wickens – Strange.24

Northern Ireland’s Sam Wickens is set to release his new track, ‘Strange.24’ on 24th November, taken from his upcoming new EP, ‘Watson’, which is set to be released in February 2021. ‘Strange.24’ sees Sam Wickens musically progress, combining raw emotion with slick production, proving why he was nominated for the NI Music Prize earlier this year. The track provides a stunning message about battles with mental health.