Lunar Bird – Emerald and Blue

If you’re looking for twinkly synth and dreamy vocals, Italian/Welsh band Lunar Bird’s new single ‘Emerald and Blue’ is what you need.

The new track is due out on December 4th, and attempts to depict the encounter between two people who are meant to be. This story is nicely wrapped up in a melancholic and floaty package that easily resembles a nursery rhyme.

Whilst this isn’t a song that will change your life, it’s a sweet song accompanied by a great melodic bassline and an ability to let you fall into the tune softly and slowly. It marks promising things for Lunar Bird, who are hoping to release a debut album next year with the assistance of the ‘Help Musicians Do It Differently Fund’, and show that they might be ones to keep your eyes peeled amongst upcoming bands.

Sunset Collective – Take Me Home

Indie bangers aren’t the rarest commodity in the music world, and Sheffield-based band Sunset Collective are adding their take to the pile with their new tune ‘Take Me Home’. 

The jangly guitar, pulsing drums, and lyrics about the struggles of a relationship all sit nicely in the track. You’re then provided with a sing-a-long chorus that hooks you in enough to pull you through to the end. What you get next is a distorted and ear-ringing guitar solo, because it wouldn’t be an indie banger without one. It follows the formula well enough that you could easily be convinced it was the works of a prominent UK indie group like The Sherlocks or The Lathums.

Ultimately, this track seems like the kind of song that would go down really well at gigs, and perfectly captures the music of Sunset Collective. An indie band with indie songs that will get the crowd jumping.

Apple Shakers – Change You

Apple Shaker’s are a London-based band that are doing something not many bands are doing right now, combining reggae and classic indie rock. A combination of such genres isn’t something you get very often, but it’s what you get if you listen to their new single ‘Change You’.

Towards the end of the tune is where it begins to lose traction. It succumbs to the frequent issue that many do, sounding like you could be any 1990s guitar band. The chorus sounds almost too familiar, and I could easily hear it being sung by the likes of the Gallaghers. 

Whether that’s a good thing or not is your own personal preference. What has to be said though, is that Apple Shakers deserve credit for being creative with their genres. Creativity is what makes the music industry go round after all. ‘Change You’ is set to be released on 26th November to listen to as you please, give it a go if you’re intrigued. 

Tana – Kiss

If someone was to tell me that Tana’s new single ‘Kiss’ had been pulled straight out of the charts I probably wouldn’t question it. 

The new song from the London-based singer-songwriter, which was released on 16th November, is a well-produced tune with a catchy melody and a good groove. Tana sings about the struggle of being addicted to being with someone, even if you probably shouldn’t be.

This song could easily fit into a playlist of the current pop/RnB music coming up in the charts at the minute, amongst names like Halsey and Dua Lipa. After signing her song ‘Reality’ to Sony Sweden and TGR Music Group, Tana’s reputation as an up and coming artist will likely grow, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw her name coming up more and more in the future.

Kings & Bears – When The Day

Kings & Bears have a new song, ‘When The Day’, which is set to be released on November 27th and the Lincoln-based group have not held back. 

A punchy guitar riff and fast-paced drums are exactly what you can expect from this rock and roll track. With a Led Zeppelin-esque ring to the tune, the rushed vocals ramble on (no pun intended) about everything you’d expect from a song like this. Intense parties, blurry days and the glorification of the general rock and roll lifestyle.

What stands out for me is the bluesy guitar riff that could’ve been plucked straight out of a Jack White song. It’s simple, but that’s all it needs to be. If you tried to make it more complicated it would be lost in the song.

‘When The Day’ is a true homage to the classic rock of the 1970s, and if that’s what you like then Kings & Bears may just be the band you need for something new to get into.