Bradford – Down Faced Doll

What is Bradford’s new track ‘Down-Faced Doll’ about? That is a very good question.

The opening riff set the song up as a catchy folk-rock track. However, the vocals that kicked in left me with a level of confusion. I wasn’t sure what the song was trying to say. The best way I could put it is that it was simply about a doll that was facing down ‘like a baby witch’.

I have to say that I enjoyed the general sound of the track. It’s a dark and gloomy sound that intrigues the ear. I was almost annoyed that I couldn’t connect with the lyrics because I otherwise enjoyed the music.

Regent – No Going Back

A dirty sounding guitar is what starts off this tune. It slowly builds, with Gallagher-esque vocals and a beating drum easing you into the song. This building carries on and the energy increases, and the track eventually rounds off with a simple guitar solo

Regent’s new single ‘No Going Back’ is set to release on November 27th, and is the Southampton-based band’s way to sign off in 2020. Although the lyrics ‘No Going Back’ might seem a bit cliché, it’s still a pretty decent rock song.

If rock and roll is what you’re looking for, then Regent is probably a good place for you to look.

Tankus the Henge – God, oil, money

A message of peace runs right through this funky track. 

Tankus the Henge are a well-renowned band on the UK music festival scene, and their recently released single ‘god, oil, money’ is from their third studio album ‘Lunar Park!’. The song attempts to provoke thought about a better way to live, in a world without prejudice, accompanied by a soul-fulfilling backing with splurges of brass and scratchy vocals.

The band’s new album, due out on December 4th, centers around this idea of positivity and kindness. This new track has set the tone for this album and you can see what the group are going for. Although I don’t think this album will be the social tipping point this world needs, it certainly seems to be aiming in the right direction.

Mike Clerk – Keep Movin

Fife-based musician Mike Clerk’s single ‘Keep Movin’ is the second track from his debut album ‘The Space Between My Ears’, and it’s certainly an interesting track.

Opening with a catchy, fuzzy guitar riff that draws you in, the song proceeds to build and build ever so slightly. It brings in echoed vocals that pan from ear to ear, convincing you that something big is coming. Unfortunately, the track never built quite enough for me. It seemed to continue drawing out until you were at the end of the song.

I did feel there was a certain level of authenticity to the track. It didn’t feel overproduced and it felt like it was really going somewhere. Although the song fizzled out towards the end, it still shows that Mike Clerk has the potential to create something really interesting. He definitely seems like one to watch.

Micko & The Mellotronics – Psychedelic Shirt

Have you ever listened to a song about the destruction of a paisley shirt in a scout hut in Leeds?

If you haven’t now you can. Micko & The Mellotronic’s recent release ‘Psychedelic Shirt’ is just that, a single from their upcoming album ‘½ dove – ½ pigeon’, which is set to be released on November 27th.

The track begins with a punchy guitar riff, and then the band kicks in and Micko Westmoreland’s snarly vocal recites a childhood story of a school disco in the 1980s. The track is fairly straight forward and you don’t need to be a genius to get what it’s about. However, even if it’s not the most complicated, it’s a fast-moving and exciting track that’s an easy listen.