The Stride – Far Away

In a world that doesn’t already lack the short back and sides, the ingrained british dirt on a pair of gazelles and the compulsory top button polo’s, welcome to the pack, The Stride. At first listen you may think you’ve accidentally put on your scratched copy of ‘what’s the story (morning glory)? but no, you haven’t. Surprisingly. 

‘Far Away’ is the current release from the four piece and if you’re already a fan of the band then you’ll know what to expect. It’s a strong reminder that the sound of 90’s guitar bands is still clearly present and coursing through the veins of brit pop enthusiasts. The guitar drenched track is a nod to like minded bands past and present, what it lacks in imagination it makes up for in passion and aggression.So for fans of that little known band of mancunians then give these lads a listen, lets see what the future has in store for the Burnley band.

The Comms – Pulled Apart

Already creating quite a buzz in the formidable punk scene, The Comms have just released their no nonsense, attitude drenched, punk rock second single ‘Pulled Apart’. Unlike their debut single the latest release has much more fluidity and doesn’t sound mashed together like the first single ‘Transmission One’ (No offence boys). The Northampton trio have certainly done their homework and the follow up single is much more cohesive. I would say it makes for easy listening but i think that would be an insult to the band. So if you like your music fast, raw and loose, best start listening. Quick!

San Pedro’s Vision – Subconscious Reflection

From the psychedelic and progressive underbelly of the city that made the cavern famous comes the most technical and embracing music to date. San Pedro’s Vision is a unique sound and of course a vision that cannot be duplicated. ‘Subconscious Reflection’ is the latest 3 track EP to be released into the wild by the progressive troup.

It’s difficult to describe the exact sound that SPV has created as it isn’t one specific genre. Like all progressive styles of music it’s all a musical creation that almost never makes much sense. Fortunately, this time it does. If i had to pick a similar sound i would say somewhere between, Pink Floyd Post Syd Barrett – Pre Dark Side and early YES. If you have time and I mean bags of time. Check out SPV.

Jack Hyphen -Second Wave 

If you’re a fan of chilled, anthemic musical goodness then RGM has the next artist you need to be adding to your daily playlist. Jack Hyphen is that artist. New EP second wave conjures up all feelings of isolation, emptiness and negativity that is so visible at the present times. However the four track EP is filled with pleasure and nothing but pure positivity.

With tracks such as ‘Second Wave’ and ‘Rarity’ Jack creates an almost dramatic clear picture of present times. For fans of Bombay Bicycle Club, Dr.Dog and The Fruit Bats make sure you check out Jack Hyphen. Your welcome.

Quinn – Some days

With a somewhat retro 80’s alternative theme along with a modern day punch, ‘Some Days’ is the latest single to be released by Quinn. Quinns musical is experimental, but not over indulgent. Nothing is too brash nor is it lackluster. Just when you think the track is gonna peak it doesn’t, it keeps you wanting more. It packs a deliberate punch, it delivers. Lyrically Quinn categorises her own personal feelings and demons and own inner weaknesses.

You can’t help but relate in more ways than one. There’s something that’s so subtle about Quinns music it’s scarily embracing and warm. With an already expanding fan base and growing community you can’t help but feel that Quinn will be big news in 2021.