Bathtub – Introduction

Ever wondered what makes a band sound huge? Is it a case of more members the better? Turn it up to eleven and hope for the best? (well kinda) Stoke on Trents 2 piece Bathtub are proof as long as you got the ambition and tenacity then you can sound as huge as you want.
Latest single ‘introduction’ is a welcomed addition to an already growing catalog. Followed up from the bands 2019 album Get Ducked, Bathtub is a great example of not to give up and know exactly when to turn it up!
Like bands before such as Royal Blood, The Black Keys and of course the White stripes, Bathtub could well be written into 2 piece folklore.
The follow-up track is as heavy-hitting as before and will be well Cemented in the bands live set list.If it’s no nonsense, headphones up to the max, dirty Rock n’roll is what you need. Look no further!

Modern Guilt – Get Along

There’s no denying that London band Modern Guilt wouldn’t look out of place on a 60s cover of Melody Maker or New Musical Express. The band have borrowed everything they can from the 1960’s and have made their own modern day retro replica. ‘Get Along’ is the latest release and does not disappoint. The way the organs fall between the six string sound, the totally tight rhythm section and the Jim Morrison phrased vocals. There is literally something for everyone. Think of a modern day Soul Kitchen and you’ll have Modern Guilt.

Corinna Jane – Give me a sign

‘Give me a sign’ is the highly anticipated new single from singer – songwriter Corinna Jane. With such a unique talent and equally powerful vocal dynamics it’s fairly obvious to see why Corinna is fast becoming one of the biggest singer-Songwriters in the country.
It’s completely effortless but yet so embracing and diverse. The softer sounding verses build up to a emphatic chorus, while the guitars build momentum and brings the track back to earth.
There’s no doubt we will hear much much more of Corinna Jane in the future.

Talk More – King Street

If you like your music with an alternative edge, an indie swing or with a pop vibe. Then surely you must’ve heard of York band Talk More. (if not you can thank us later) Think of artists like Alvays, Courtney Barnett and The Districts, then you won’t go far wrong with Talk More.
‘King Street’ is the new single and the new track you’ll be listening to on repeat. The song screams out simplicity and is a welcoming track to an already indie dominated landscape.

PAVÉ – How’s she doing?

In these difficult times we look where we can for solace and Inspiration. We listen to new music for joy and an escape from this modern day aggro. PAVÉ is the long awaited band I have been looking for. ‘How’s she doing?’ is the newest installment in PAVÉ’s impressive catalogue. The track is filled with embellishing sweet vocals played over a clean crisp guitar pattern. Lyrically it’s haunting but works so well with the layered music counterparts. Give them a listen, you won’t be unimpressed.