The Lathums – Foolish Parley

Let’s not beat around the bush, The Lathums cannot do no wrong. We could sit here and talk about what they sound like, who they remind you of, blah blah blah. But let’s not. It’s all been said before and will probably be said time after time. I’m not interested in any of that, neither should you. The Wigan four piece are at it again and ‘Foolish Parley’ is the next entry in an ever growing dystopian back catalog. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes ‘Foolish Parley’ an anthem. The track wouldn’t sound out of place in a Tarantino epic, or in the middle of a brawl on a two for one mixer spilt dancefloor. If you’re a fan of anything guitar and anything indie then I strongly urge you to check out ‘Foolish Parley’. In fact I urge you to check out The Lathums. Now!

Rookie – Criminally Underrated

If you like to jump up and down with pint in hand, then don’t. At least not yet as you won’t have a pint left! ‘Criminally Underrated’ is the latest rock driven, riff tinged release by Rookie. We all love finding new music and talking about it, Rookie have done just that. Within the space of three minutes you easily remember what it feels like to listen to new music. It’s the first impression all over again. The guitars from start to finish fill the track with a robust edge and you can only imagine that they are being played behind gritted teeth. So if you like huge chorus’ and undeniable catchier riffs then give it a listen, it would be criminal not to.

Dalmas – JHM

‘JHM’ is the latest track by the Manchester rock trio. The trio fronted by singer/drummer George Farrar certainly know how to pack a punch and swing a drumstick. The song is heavily driven by the beating heartbeat of the rock solid drums. With nods to bands such as the Foos and QOTSA to name a few, Dalmas certainly know their musical influences and have attracted an ever growing fan base. The guitar and bass also play significant factors in the band’s overall sound. Making them sound like a whirlpool of uninterrupted rock’n roll. If you’re not fans already, I’m sure after listening to ‘JHM’ you’ll find yourself air drumming to Dalmas.

Hurray For Tuesday – Rains gonna fall where we walk 

Bringing irresistible melodies, inter twinned harmonies and an abundance of pure joy, Hurray For Tuesday will certainly bring a smile to that bleak face of yours. ‘Rains gonna fall where we walk’ is the highly anticipated latest release from Manchester’s feel good five piece. Already gaining momentum in the guitar driven indie scene, it’s easy to see why Hurray For Tuesday are quickly becoming one of the UKs top bands. The track itself is a 100mph self confessed indie anthem. The guitars lay the rocksteady foundations for the bouncing bass and quick beat of the snare drum. This all leaves room for the tender vocals and specially blended harmonies. It all works tremendously well. So I suggest you stop what you’re doing and check em’ out. Hurray for new music, Hurray for Tuesday!

Toby & Pip – New Year 

If, like me, New Years Eve is just another social angst where i don’t belong and the awkward gatherings of the 11.59pm Auld Lang Syne meet head on, then i’d rather sit it out.Happily!But for the romantics and the idealists out there then ‘New Year’ by couple Toby & Pip is the festive New Year track you didn’t know you needed. It’s a welcomed love song to both the Year ahead and the ones that you love. The stripped back acoustics leave plenty of room for both Toby & Pips soothing vocals, they compliment each other in sentimental spades. So for fans of acoustic folk and fairy tale love songs, then check out New Years.