Lyerr – Doctors Orders

We are starting to see an age where northern indie bands are being brought into the limelight of the music scene, with the likes of Blossoms and The Lathums leading the charge. With their new single ‘Doctors Orders’, set to be released on 22nd January, Manchester-band Lyerr are throwing their hat into the mix.

Opening with a catchy guitar hook, the tune explodes with force into an indie bop. Although it would be a lie to say that this track isn’t akin to the works of someone like Stockport-based indie supergroup Blossoms, I guess that’s what Lyerr are trying to achieve.

This is definitely a tune you could see a crowd jumping to, which is a shame because Lyerr were set to headline Manchester Academy 1 before we went into this endless cycle of lockdowns. When gigs do return, I will be keeping one eye on what they have in the works.

Flowers of Evil – Getting Better

I’d argue it seems a bit hasty to start using the phrase ‘getting better’ in the current climate, I imagine Flowers of Evil didn’t anticipate the third lockdown when they wrote this dreamy track.

Despite the irony of the timing of its release, the song still stands pretty well as a funky sing-a-long tune. 

The Manchester two-piece described the single as a ‘different kettle of fish’ to their previous work. I wouldn’t say it is worlds away, but I can certainly admire them for being ambitious to test themselves musically. This is especially true in a time where people are desperate for something more than living the same day every day.


Self-proclaimed ‘interdimensional wild child’, PYRØ (ØØØØ), has released her debut album ‘Pi r2’, and one of the tracks that jumps out is the emotion-heavy ‘SOS’.

A pulsing drum beat brings you through the song whilst PYRØ gives everything to the vocals that lie over the top. The song certainly has some of the right ingredients to be a solid anthem to front the album, but there is something about it that doesn’t grip me personally. Others might feel different and I’d definitely give it a listen because it might be just what you want.

I have said this before about the London artist, although ‘SOS’ isn’t the most life-changing music you will hear, it is certainly commendable for blending genres and trying something you don’t hear all the time.

Modern Comforts – Snakebite

When I read the title to this track my first thought was ‘this is going to be aggressive’. Not to my surprise, it was aggressive.

On January 16th Modern Comforts are providing us with this in-your-face song that roars its way through all 3 minutes and 10 seconds. Recorded in St. Helens, the song centers around ‘weekend warriors’ in the ‘local boozer’ that make up the ‘lad’ community that can be found across the country. 

Distorted guitars rip through the track and a thundering chorus chimes in when it’s needed. If you’re looking for a punky song to headbang to, Modern Comforts is the place to look.

The Vitrines – Something New

Do you ever feel like some songs just drag on for too long? If that’s the case, then on 22nd January there might be a new song just for you.

Indie rock band The Vitrines are set to release their new single ‘Something New’. It’s a short and snappy tune that wraps itself up in a small 2-minute package, but in such a short space of time, it still brings the punch.

Where the track falls down slightly is that I wouldn’t say it sounds too like ‘something new’, if anything it sounds eerily like the driving riffs of Oasis or someone similar. However, the Southampton band are still bringing a catchy and quick tune to the table for you all to have a listen.