RGM Recommends – The Singles

The Winachi Tribe – Funky but Chic

This Collab with Pantofola d’Oro brings a fresh sound with clear elements of funk jazz and soul. The track is bursting with flavour from the very beginning with a fusion of electronically produced sound and instrumental. It is an upbeat and uplifting song which will have you up and dancing. You have no choice but to bop your head to this colourful single and are bound to add it to your playlist after one listen. It’s a modern take on old school funk and we at RGM rate this track a solid 8/10 without a shadow of doubt. 

Zooni – Dissolve 

This art pop band are known for their transcendent and poetic music, and ‘Dissolve’ shows this. The single begins with a simplistic deep bass beat, which draws the listener in, before offering a soft piano dominated melody followed by the words “she makes it so good to dissolve”.  This clash of upbeat bass which transforms into a melancholic melody becomes a pattern within the track, which emphasises the lyrics meaning to another level. Repetition is hugely prominent throughout the song, however, if you’re one for a catchy song with a unique take on pop rock then this is for you. 

We Three Kings – S’alright (G.O.T.I.T)

This track follows a classic rhythm which reaks of 90’s rock nostalgia, starting instrumentally heavy as it means to go on. We Three Kings have a clear Rock & Roll focus, with a determination to show how great it can be. The single focuses primarily on the instruments which take most of the spotlight, played under what is better described as shout vocals, which again brings the listener back to the days of classic Rock & Roll. To say they have a unique never done before sound would be an overstatement, but if you too share a love for the days of heavy instrumental and unfiltered rock then this track will take you there.  

Pioneers – What Can I say?

Pulling you in immediately with a mysterious and somewhat harrowing electric guitar solo, closely followed by the introduction of the rest of the band, this song is true indie rock. ‘What Can I say’ doesn’t need to say anything as the track itself says it all. It is a bewitching and passion filled single with heavy drumming and beautifully powerful Guitar riffs. There is a familiarity in the vocals, which draws comparisons to the likes of Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs and Hard-Fi. We at RGM definitely look forward to hearing what else this unapologetically indie-rock band have in store.   

King Calaway– No Matter What 

Within the first 45 seconds of the song, it was clear that it was going to be a classic feel good pop anthem, you could hear on mainstream radio. The song begins with an acoustic guitar melody followed by soothing vocals from the first member of the group, which reminds one of popular boy bands like, One Direction or the Wanted. More instruments join the track as it progresses, transitioning it into an upbeat, bouncy country-pop single. As a whole, ‘No Matter What’ is somewhat generic with a repetitive chorus and smooth vocals throughout. However, if you are a sucker for a good boy group, we at RGM know you will love it.