‘Wildside’ is the latest heavy hitting, anthem obsessed release by indie band BÖHMEN. Don’t be fooled though, you’re not listening to ‘The Balcony’, you are indeed in the right place. With an obvious influence and uncanny resemblance to the McCann group,  BÖHMEN take nicely from what has gone before them and make a welcomed addition to the already growing indie landscape. A common theme of searching and/or something departed is certainly present with lines like “what i’ve been missing”and “let it all out”, a quick reminder no ones complete until it is what you find what you’ve been looking for. Musically there’s nothing missing here, the bass and drums lay the rock steady rhythm which gives room for the indie-clad guitars. What took me by surprise the most were the subtle harmonies which give a more overall depth and layer to the already rock driven track. So get on RGM’s good side and listen to ‘Wildside’.

Harry Heart – Kamikaze

If there’s one word to describe Harry Heart I would highly suggest melodic. Everything about Harry’s music seems to be perfectly thought out and dividely not excessive or over-ambitious.  ‘Kamikaze’ is the next part of Harry’s odyssey and continued legacy. With emphatic energy and nothing but raw power Harry delivers yet again. The delay on the vocals, the reverb, the longevity. Look the list goes on but this is definitely another alt pop track that will almost obviously be appearing on playlists throughout. For fans of The XX,TWDC, LCD Soundsystem i highly insist you check out Harry Heart. Now!

Midnight Filter – Mechanism

‘Experimental alternative rock manufactured in the bedroom’. No, that’s not what the album or EP is called but how Alt rock duo Midnight Filter describe their progressive sound, and they’ve got it spot on. ‘Mechanism’ is the latest but not recent single released by the anything-goes bedroom pair. If anything is certain it’s that there are no clear boundaries. With a fair few musical styles blended into one, the track strangely works and delivers a cohesive alternative take on how modern tracks should sound or at least be interpreted. As for the bass and rhythm section everything is played and recorded professionally. (you may think that’s a stupid thing to suggest but listen to the track in its entirety and you’ll get my meaning) We look forward to the next musical concoction.

Matt McManamon- Jumpin’ The Gun 

“You won’t stop me in my tracks, i’ve heard your lies now i want facts” subduedly states Matt McManamon on his latest single ‘Jumpin’ The Gun’. For fans of The Dead 60’s and for fans of anything 2005 onwards, the chances are you’ve either heard Matts songs before or seen him on a variety of the big stages throughout the UK. With an insatiably catchy guitar hook and infectious vocal phrases throughout it’s fairly easy to see why McManamon did Jump The Gun (pardon the pun). Far different from previous ventures Matt has stamped his feet firmly in the solo field. ‘Jumpin’ The Gun’ is destined to be a fan favourite for fans of The Dead 60’s and now McManamon’s solo career. Debut album ’Scally Folk’ is scheduled for release later this year. 

The Jujubes- Where are we Now?

In a musical economy where pop often favours the brave, we sometimes forget that Rock’n Roll is only around the corner. Most importantly, the Blues are still very alive and kickin’ ass. ‘Where are we now?’ is the next single to be released from The Jujubes very soon to be released debut album. There’s no denying that The Jujubes are sleek, raw, but very, very distinguished. ‘Where are we now?’ is a stripped back gem which you will find incredibly hard not to tap those weary feet. They do a great job of sounding simplistic ,to sound so amazingly easy. The blues guitars go hand in with hand with the laid back percussion and the simple beat. It’s blues/Rock but it’s refreshing, it’s not dated, it’s not old. The vocals are none other than sublime. Completely energised and exuberant. A perfect mix with the background beat. I urge you to stop listening to your mundane playlists and check out The Jujubes.