YAANGS – Lose Hold Of You 

Calling all new wave, dance,pop, synth fans. Looking for your next fix? Well, look no further. ‘Lose Hold of you’ is the latest release from Manchester’s dance floor duo. This is a true return to form as the band strives to create new and sensational dance pop rhythms. ‘Lose Hold of You’ is a completely immersive experience and one that will make you want to go back and discover the rest of YAANGS collection. Let’s see what the future brings and hopefully the duo can release more synth/pop grooves. Personally, I would love to hear some vocals that would fit with the progressive beats, maybe that would give it more charisma to an already beaming genre. ‘Lose Hold of You’ is out now on the “slow dance ‘20” compilation.

Babe Punch – Glitter

No, believe it or not it’s not The Vines you’re listening to it is in fact punk rock band Babe Punch. ‘Glitter’ is a punk rock track directly to its core. Much like the band I must add. Musically it’s driven by that ferocious bending guitar followed by the bass root rhythm section. Simplistic but works. The vocals are full of raw punk power and that energy that seems to be lacked in a lot of other musical styles. It’s definitely got that edge that just isn’t present in today’s modern age. If the next release is as hard hitting with a more technical precision i can assure you the band will have an ever growing following. For fans of The Runaways, The Clash and The Ramones check em’ out.

The Watchmakers – Clover

With an already huge fan base and an ever-growing community of fans alike, The Watchmakers are back with new single ‘Clover’. The band returns with that psychedelic indie sound that’s been heard around the country. Whether it be on various airwaves or multiple stages across, the band are back doing what they belong to do. Creating great music. With a huge blend of music, from velvet underground to Primal Scream and The Stone Roses they create a huge wall of immersive sounds. Everything gels well and is completely compact. But still very, very noticeable. The vocals have that great delay and reverb that is almost distinctly similar to that 60’s pop psychedelic, groovy sound. I highly suggest you check out The Watchmakers. Now!

Harriet Rose – Love me Like That 

There’s clearly only one word to describe Harriet Rose’ Music. Beautiful. ‘Love me Like That’ is the latest release from the Americana Singer/Songwriter. Harriet has the ability to enchant you with her voice and lyrics about heartache and heartbreak. The sweet and clean acoustic guitar compliments Harriets encapsulating, soulful, unique vocals. There’s nothing trying too hard and that’s the beauty. It’s not forced. It’s completely real, with passionate charisma. So, if you’re feeling down, I urge you to listen to Harriet Rose, you will instantly be picked up.

Ernie – Cycles

Ernie is the brainchild of producer and electronic pioneer from Sheffield Joshua Roberts. ‘Cycles’ is the debut single that features Owen Lyons from Jumper Boy. The track is heavily bass-driven with a slightly somber tempo. It seems to have the right pace in which nothing is missed yet nothing is consistently stood still. The vocals add a nice edge to what would already be a stand-alone track, but it gives it depth, it gives it versatility, it gives it structure. I look forward to what Ernie will create in the future, A mixture of sounds and genres will give that dynamic and uniquely distinctive experience. Keep your ears peeled for Ernie.