Tabitha Jade – Intuition

A new and catchy RnB single. How could you say no?

Liverpool singer-songwriter Tabitha Jade has a new single out on 11th February, and it certainly does stick in your head. The new track, which features fellow artist PRIDO, draws you in and gets you singing along. It really does ring a bell to the work of the top female pop stars, bringing to mind the likes of Jorja Smith and Ariana Grande.

I think the highest compliment I can pay Tabitha is that I would not be surprised if I came across ‘Intuition’ in the charts. If Tabitha Jade is looking to get up there in the mainstream music scene then she’s definitely doing something right.

Jozem – Dreams

Seemingly floating out of the speakers, Jozem’s new single ‘Dreams’ certainly does fit the title. The tune is mysterious, with a somewhat ethereal quality, and peacefully carries you through its 4 minutes and 33 seconds.

The Toronto-based artist said about his new track that it’s a ‘meditation, a prayer and a projection of where I want to be in life’. What’s striking for me is the sense of tranquility it brings. Despite it not stepping up or varying too much throughout the song, it still carries you through to the end with ease.

This self-produced tune is a deep and moving one. You can feel the emotion running through, and it’s definitely one for a lockdown yoga session.

The Zebecks – Concrete

Indie music, you either like it or you don’t, and I’d say I’d fall on the like it side of things. If you’re like me, the The Zebecks’ new single ‘Concrete’ might just be for you.

Striking at the core of what makes indie music, the jangly guitars and tortured lyrics come complete with this new track. This is the band’s first studio-recorded tune, and it does show to an extent, but I don’t think they’re to blame. I’m sure with more experience, The Zebecks will come out with new and improved tunes in the future.

The song from the Scottish band is set to be released on 19th February. It’s not hard to find another UK band doing the same thing, but The Zebecks are having a good crack at it.

The Perps – All Puppets No Strings

An anthemic rock and roll song. I think it would be fair to say that that is what The Perps are going for with their new single ‘All Puppets No Strings’.

You can really feel the whole band moving as one unit in this tune. The vocals howl across the music, and a driving guitar solo keeps you entertained when it’s needed.

The track certainly is a sing-a-long one, and is a solid song to round off their upcoming EP. I’m not sure it’s the kind of anthem that will become a football chant and be heard across stadiums, but it certainly holds its own.

James Humphrys – Three Weeks

If there were ever a song I’ve had to listen to for RGM that’s made me want to dance then it would be this one. ‘Three Weeks’ is the new single from Bristol-based artist James Humphrys, and it certainly is an indie bop.

A heartfelt expression of loneliness from current events, a bouncy and uplifting backing makes it 4 minutes of groovy music. 

What’s more,  the track comes complete with a lighthearted video directed by and starring Netflix star Jessie Mei Li. If you’re looking for a feel-good indie-pop tune to get you moving then ‘Three Weeks’ might just be what you need.