RGM Recommends – The Singles.

Cold Comforts – On My Own

Manchester based alt-rock band, Cold Comforts, are to return with their new single, ‘On My Own’, this month.  The song is riddled with angst and is destined to become a post-breakup anthem. It becomes evident early on that the track has been mixed, produced, and recorded entirely band, but do not let this put you off. ‘On My Own’ sees Cold Comforts excel, leaving the band with space to grow.

Ian Britt – What Am I Not Seeing Yet?

Sheffield based Ian Britt has recently released his new album, ‘What Am I Not Seeing Yet?’. The album sees Ian’s older tracks finally getting an official release, yet it also features new, never heard before numbers. The album sees Ian Britt add more sounds to his indie-folk drenched palette and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

George Wilks – Little Things (Out 26th Feb)

George Wilks has returned with his latest single, ‘Little Things’, which is taken from his upcoming EP. The song tells the story of a man in the countryside, enjoying his own company, yet his wife struggles to do the same for her life and is blinded by her perception of self. ‘Little Things’ features touching, emotive lyrics about loving yourself, its chorus is uplifting, reassuring listeners not to worry about things that they can’t control. George Wilks has produced an uplifting, touching number which listeners will find comfort in.

Juga – Oh Capablanca

Reminiscent of a James Bond theme, Juga’s ‘Oh Capablanca’ is interesting and unique. With multiple meanings, the track is written about a chess match, yet could also be about a chaotic relationship. ‘Oh Capablanca’ reflects the emotions felt by Juga whilst playing a game of chess. The track has been described as the ‘best chess song ever written’ and it is clear to see why.  


StanLei’s latest project, the ‘DUALOVE EP’, is available on the 13th February. The EP is a valentine’s special with 2 tracks, showing both sides of love, the light and the dark. Opening song ‘Dr. Sunshine’ sees StanLei stay true to her indie folk roots, where as second track ‘L(I)VE MORE (SOLDIER)’ allows StanLei to showcase her musical range, it’s heavier, more industrial sounding bassline is a stark contrast to the track that proceeds it. The ‘DUALOVE EP’, allows StanLei to spotlight her diversity, and it will certainly pay of in the future.