With an already impressive back catalog of dystopian alternative tracks, CRASHKID! Are back, and certainly back with that raw Rock’n Roll,guitar-slinging punch. ‘Icon’ is the latest release that sees the band dive deeper into the land of ear-shattering guitar riffs. From start to finish the track is filled with everything you’ve come to expect from CRASHKID! The guitar hits you like a Rock’n Roll brick and cements the foundations of what’s to come. As soon as the vocals enter the mix you know you’re in for a treat. They’re not overdone with delay or too much reverb, they compliment the already blazing guitar. The drums are solidly driven with the pumping, steady bass. Lyrically the latest release focuses on the imprisonment of being an unsung artist. Ambition, fame and of course drive are all themes that fit into this 3-minute track. Personally, the middle eight is what drives this song apart from other CRASHKID! Tracks. It’s subtle and subdued and wouldn’t sound out of place on a QOTSA/Soundgarden track. So if you like your music raw, punchy and energetic. What are you waiting for ? Check it out!


‘Hope’ is the latest indie-prog-pop-underground single released by Manchester based band LUCIGENIC. Don’t adjust it, you’re not listening to Kate Bush, it is in fact LUCIGENIC. You can hear so many influences it’s hard to pinpoint exactly one. There’s no denying that the vocals are sublime and utterly breathtaking. Musically it’s soft with undertones with a resemblance to early 70’s Pink Floyd subtly and bands of that nature. I can’t help but feel that there is something missing though. I don’t think those amazing vocals have been used to the best of their ability and lacks that emotion that the track inevitably needs. I really hope the next release is full of that raw, pure energy, which would suit ever so much. 

BAXTR – Grace On Fire 

How is it only now i’m hearing of BAXTR ? Where have I been ? Hiding underneath a playlist of songs from 2017 ? Possibly. Anyway. Hailing from London BAXTR have found their way onto my new music radar and i couldn’t be happier. ‘Grace On Fire’ is the latest single by the alt/pop trio. The all female band have already surged a following within the UK. ‘Grace On Fire’ has that senstionably experimental electronic pop sound that delivers on every listen. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to play it again after it’s finished. Yes! It’s that anthemic. Their sound has proven to work on previous singles, so why change it ? Everything seems harmonious and unbelievably well produced. I for one will be diving head first into their previous pop tracks. After listening you don’t feel overwhelmed. You find yourself wanting to listen to more. Much more!

FoxGlove – Give It Up 

‘Give it up’ is the latest release from what we’ve come to love from the Manchester indie pop band Foxglove. With an almost distinctive yet free flowing indie sound, it’s easy to see why FoxGlove are gaining traction throughout the indie pop scene. The theme of the track is the overwhelming feeling of not being able to say what you want or how to portray yourself in an uneasy situation. The track is filled with indie guitars, pop drums and insatiable lifting vocals throughout. With nods to indie giants such as Wolf Alice and Metronomy to name a few. So if like me you need your new music fix. Check out Foxglove. You won’t be disappointed.

Darling Boy – Tea Drinkers Of The World

Alexander Gold AKA Darling Boy is back with his first 2021 release ‘Tea Drinkers Of The Word’. With an already renowned career throughout the world. Gold is back, back doing what he does best. Releasing great music. The track is undoubtedly the next indie anthem to be added to the already addictive gig setlist. The fast paced, loose guitars set the pace for the raw and energy filled indie track. The tight drums along with rockin’ bass packs in a rhythmic punch which can’t be beaten. Gold takes the track back to his childhood by reminiscing about his love for 16 bit video games. Which is absolutely sublime and made me think back with great fondness. The video is also a work of art. You have to remind yourself your not watching someone play a game but you are indeed watching a 16 bit music video. As always Darling Boy never fails to impress. This is no exception. Check it out. (the sound of Mario jumping for a golden coin)