RGM Recommends – The Singles

Conor Houston – If I’d Known…

I am confused. I don’t know if it’s really that unfair to say this because Conor Houston’s new single certainly takes some thinking to unpick. It would be almost too easy to say I just have no idea what’s going on or say it feels like non-sensical noise, but spending some time listening to it you can begin to grasp what Houston is trying to achieve.

Conor is a boundary pusher. He’s trying to convey a message of what it’s like to struggle with mental illness, and he could have quite simply done this with a throw-away pop song. Instead, he’s decided to take out the music (with the odd noise or screech here and there)  and bring a true focus to the words he is saying.

If this even somewhat intrigues you then check out ‘If I’d Known..’ on the 12th of March.

Caroline & The Lights – Once Or Twice

A melodramatic piano ballad is sometimes exactly what you need to scream along to. They’ve helped people like Adele, Elton John and Lewis Capaldi shoot right to the top of the charts. Caroline & The Lights has now added her new single ‘Once Or Twice’ to those efforts.

A soft and sweet song, it glides you through its 4 minutes without you even realising. I think that can be seen as both a good and a bad thing. Good because of course you want a ballad to be easy on the ears, bad because maybe adding a little extra umph would elevate the track to the next level.

Caroline definitely is showing off her ability to write compelling and charismatic songs, and if she continues building on this then I can only see her going further.

Teah Lewis – Say What You Want

Comforting is probably the best word I can use for this one. ‘Say What You Want’ is the new single from Sheffield singer-songwriter Teah Lewis. This is definitely one for cold winter nights, one to listen to for warmth, and one to remind you that it’s okay to take life at the speed you want.

A peaceful pairing of guitar and cello, the folk singer-songwriter seems to channel the work of the likes of Taylor Swift and Gabrielle Aplin. 

Along with the musical talent, Lewis expresses her support for gender equality within the music scene. She strives to take her role in supporting women across all creative industries in her life, something we should all admire and aspire to do ourselves.

Madame So – A Good Woman

Paris-born, London-based artist Madame So is releasing her new single ‘A Good Woman’ on March 5th, and it certainly is an ear-catching track. 

What starts off as an emotional and delicate acoustic track that worries you as to why it’s over 5 minutes long, the track-length eventually becomes justified when it is elevated into a tune that will be stuck in your head for days (making use of some classic musical la la la’s).

Haunting and ethereal, the tune has a The Cranberries-esque quality that you can’t help but enjoy. If powerful indie ballad is what Madame So was trying to achieve, then she’ll be pleased to know that powerful indie ballad is what she’s made.

Head South – Reset

Fresh starts are something that happens to everyone in life. I think a lot of us could probably do with one right now. Head South’s debut single ‘Reset’ is about exactly that, about fresh starts in life even when you didn’t think you needed one.

What starts off as your standard alt-rock/indie guitar ballad, a sprinkling of gut-wrenching screams adds an extra layer of sonic intrigue to the tune.

Saying themselves that their plans to release new music were put on hold like they were for a lot of artists, it will be interesting to see what Head South manage to get out in the future. Considering this is a debut single, Head South are certainly showing off their promise. I have no doubt it will be worth giving a listen.