Shader – Runaway

Shader’s new track Runaway is bracing, loud, and full of life. The bands writer and lyricist Stu Whiston has embraced his love for 80’s post-punk band The Sound, and incorporated a mood which nods to their style; the guitar-intro screams Adrian Borland. 

The group’s last single reached number 2 in the UK charts, and I would not be surprised if this tune lands on the charts too; there is something about this track that keeps you coming back. 

Runaway is set to be released on March the 12th on all digital platforms and vinyl! 

Audiokicks – Grow

The Aberdeen band Audiokicks release their new single Grow that has all the hallmarks of an indie pop anthem. There are echoes of stereophonics within the soul of this four piece, with emotional words of wisdom coupled with builds up to large choruses. 

This is the song we all need at the moment, as Ian Jamieson reminds us of the need for growth during these troubling times. The lyrics are written for his two children, which adds weight to the already motivational language. 

The dreamy lead guitar provides a fragile yet hopeful riff, as we reach the chorus, the drums are loud and Jamieson’s voice is devastatingly passionate and raw. There are echoes of stereophonics within the soul of this band, which we can hear from the vocals to the drums. 

Chris Pidsley – Alex’s House

Chris Pidley departs from his usual acoustic sound with this faced-paced, and uplifting indie tune: ‘Alex’s House’. Pidley speaks anecdotally of an adolescent relationship, which feels like it would not go amiss within an American coming of age film. 

The song is hard to get out of your head after a couple of listens; with its catchy hook and memorable guitar melodies. Zak Thomas Johnson’s pulsing drum work drives the song forward and adds a new dimension to what we normally hear from Pidley. 

Tana – Make It Up

Up And Coming pop solo artist Tana has released her new single Make It Up. The dramatic and atmospheric instrumental ties synonymously with the theme of the song, where Tana explores the nature of vices. The blurry line between pain and happiness is contemplated, as the Londoner attempts to understand how to kick self-destructive habits we indulge in. 

Tana’s style is unique, yet we can see influences of disco-pop in her sound, as well as R&B. If you are a fan of Dua Lipa, The Weekend, or Hasley then it strongly suggests you listen to this beauty of a track. 

Kids Love Surf – Moment

The allusive Kids Love Surf offer an ethereal wave that you cannot help but get drawn into. In their latest song “Moment”, the Kids have created a nostalgic escape. The vocals are subtle yet prominent, sitting comfortably within the beachy mix of synth and drums. 

By marrying dream pop and 80s rock bands (Cocteau Twins, New Order, and The Cure) they have developed their own sound – and I think they may be onto something. The only sensation that comes close to listening to Moment, is basking in the sun, on a distant beach. 

The Hastings collective have released 2 songs since they began collaborating in 2020 lockdown, and fortunately there is more to come.