Cobain Jones – Wonder

There’s something very familiar yet undoubtedly fresh when listening to Cobain Jones’ indie pop ballads. With nods to singer Songwriters in the same field such as Gerry Cinnamon, Bill Ryder Jones and Jamie T (Just to name a few) wouldn’t go astray here. ‘Wonder’ is the latest installment in Jones’ backpack of singalong sonnets. You won’t find any dressed up thrills or empty fills here, it’s all genuinely heartfelt and sang with youthful vigour. The way it should be. Do you necessarily need long, drawn out guitar solos and over indulgent Chord progressions? The answer is No, and Cobain Jones is the proof. So keep your eyes peeled on the introducing and emerging playlists because Cobain Jones is the next indie star to rise from the pop ridden landscape.

Nikki and the waves – Anywhere

Don’t you just love the use of synths, keyboards, drum machines and anything electronically processed? If you don’t, well you should. ‘Anywhere’ is the latest single and is a sure song to be stuck on your repeat playlist. As simplistic as it may sound the track is layered with pure electronic goodness. ‘Anywhere’ is a song that can literally be listened anywhere and anyway you feel. It surely will put a smile on that bleak face. So if you want to listen to something else other than the same songs you’ve been listening to on your music platform, don’t waste anymore time and check out Nikki and the waves. Anywhere, any time!

Dirty Freud – Love in the backwater

It’s hard to try a put a specific genre to Dirty Freud, but I think that’s the brilliance of them. ‘Love in the backwater’ is the latest single to be released from their highly anticipated Ep. There’s one thing for sure while listening to Dirty Freud is that there is an abundance of terrific rhythms. (if you like the music of James Murphy you’ll know what i mean) the brilliance of Dirty Freud is that they are constantly trying to re-create or possibly invent a sound that just hasn’t been modeled previously. The thing that hits me the most is the subtlety of the rhythmic patterns, so much so it feels like a rhythmic seizure. I for one love it. Don’t miss a beat and check them out.