RGM Recommends – The Singles

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San Pedro Collective – Where Do I Begin

With a love of 80’s nostalgia permeating the cultural zeitgeist in recent years, so many artists have taken inspiration from the innocent golden age.  San Pedro Collective touch upon an often forgotten part of the musical scene of the era, with a throwback house track that’s moody and mysterious. 

Doused in synth effects and a very thumping artificial drumbeat, and coupled with smoky vocals, the atmosphere is undeniable. So many images of dimly lit nightclubs with steam rising from the floor as an almost dangerous feel begin to permeate the air, transporting you to somewhere else entirely with its masterful mood setting.

Marquis Drive – Proud

What is possibly one of the most triumphant sounding songs ever put on record, Proud is oddly inspiring and a little magical. A song that would sound right at home on a movie soundtrack, the song that plays as the hero conquers the obstacles in their way. 

With a pounding repetition that doesn’t grow tiresome, as it builds to the point where a small band sound like an orchestra, Marquis Drive can take pride in what they’ve created. It’s a song that really brings home that feeling of overcoming the everyday struggle, whether it’s a personal goal or making someone else happy or something else entirely.

Stanleys – A Better Life

Stanleys single, A Better Life is one that’s soaked in the mood of modern British indie rock in the best way. The sweet sound and melancholic message that Stanleys manage to give off make for a beautiful single. 

With a focus on someone past their prime dreaming of a better life, it pulls on a fear of what all of us could someday become, a homebound person wistfully dreaming of better times. 

With a twanging indie feel and drawling vocals, its epitomises the indie feel and will be a treat for many genre fans to listen to.

Pink Cigs – Pink Cigs

With the 70’s now 50 years behind us, it’s hard to believe that you’d get something that feels right at home in that era in today’s age. Pink Cigs, on the other hand, beg to differ, with a heavy focus of crunchy guitar riffs and fast-paced solos that really bring home the nostalgia. 

Their self-titled effort is a melting pot of what feels like many of the 70’s biggest names. Not bothering to worry as much about lyrical content, they let the music speak for itself on an album that’s down and dirty from start to finish.

The Pretty Visitors – Mystery Woman

After an excellent year in 2019, including a spot on BBC radio presents, The Pretty Visitors have rocketed straight out the gate with a fresh new single to bring in the new decade. 

The entire track is devoted to describing the titular Mystery Woman, and the titillation our singer feels as she pushes her way into his life. With a heavy focus on describing her body, we’re treated to a delightfully descriptive string of verses that capture a dream of a woman. 

Accompanied by a fun backing track that couples bouncing guitars and jazzy bass, giving the very full sounding song life.