Sour Punch – Round Two

With a video game aesthetic coupled with bright guitar melodies, Sour Punch’s latest single Round Two feels authentic and unique.

The new single chugs along at some pace, packed with energy with pulsating drums and a bassline that soars forwards. This single is incredibly accessible, meaning it’ll be stuck in your head after one listen, with it’s catchy hook.

The most noteworthy element of this song is the guitar melody. As the song kicks off, so does this riff, and it’s beautifully simple. This tasteful guitar work adds an extra dimension that not a lot of other bands would possess. I love it.

Calista Kazuko – Uchi

Listen to this new single by Calista Kazuko and you will get swept away to the mountains for a 3 minute escape. You’ve never heard anything quite like this before.

The ethereal calmness that is present in every last drop of this song is roar, honest and beautiful.

Musically, it’s hard to define, despite that, I can hear elements of jazz within the piano as well as soul that Kazuko’s vocals hold. She has stated that she is going back to her Japanese roots for this track, which adds yet another layer of depth to this song.

As for the lyricism, this also refers back to her mothers maiden name, which means ‘inner mountain’. And her peaceful, content projection of her words is incredibly inspirational and calming.

Twiggy Branches – The Radiant Twist

Ready to be blown away? This song is radiant by name AND nature.
With a maximalist sound that includes a big grouping of various instruments, Twiggy Branches merge dark and colour in this big new single The Radiant Twist.
All five members work as one well oiled machine, and it’s needless to say that they all get the most of their instruments. As for the vocals, they’re dark and shouty (in the best possible way).

The attitude of The Radiant Twist oozes cool, as this playful group shine in this self expressive new single.

Chris Kelly – When It Rains

This new single is chilled and musically gorgeous. Chris Kelly reflects and comtemplates in his new single When It Rains.

Every instrument glistens, with floating rhythm guitar and piano that suit the wistful nature of Kelly’s vocals. Everything feels like it has slotted together naturally, and the song is quite simply lovely.

The lyricism is quite depressing at times and can also have uplifting parts, depending on how you look at it. And I think this lyrical ambiguity is intentional from Kelly.

The Waterfalls – Micheal Cera

I was excited about this song after reading the name. And I’m sure many people will feel the same way.

The Waterfalls frame Micheal Cera as a stud that is prone to stealing peoples girls in an ironic way that seems to be a running joke. The lyrics involve some funny lines that I’m sure the man himself would appreciate.

Let’s not let this jokey nature of the tune take anything away from how good it is musically. Everything is mixed to perfection, and the guitars sound so pretty, with tasteful leads and distorted rhythm.

This ode to Micheal Cera should be played all day long by Micheal Cera fans around the world. Or even America’s national anthem.