Rorys Aspect – Social Anxiety

Years ago, if someone told you they recorded all their music in their bedroom then you wouldn’t expect much more than a staticky demo. However, as Manchester solo artist Rory Aspects demonstrates in his track ‘Social Anxiety’, it’s more than possible to get an exciting indie-pop track released all from the comfort of your own bed.

Rory’s dreamy musicality, robotic vocals, and life-telling lyrics all make for a likeable listen.

Self-proclaimed to have a ‘unique and unpredictable’ sound, Rory seems to back himself and his musical ability. You can’t help but admire this. On the other hand though, the moment I pressed play, I was reminded of Machesters very own The 1975. Perhaps we’ll see Rorys Aspect develop his sound further in the future.

Silver Haar – Lights Out

If there was a formula for a classic catchy indie tune then Glaswegian group Silver Haar must have found it.

A chorus that will stick in your head, simple but effective harmonies, a guitar solo that isn’t over the top, fast-rolling hi-hats, and even a big build-up right before the final chorus. This track has got it all.

‘Lights Out’ is the title-track from the band’s debut EP which was released on July 23rd. If you’re looking for a new indie group with some relatable lyrics to chant along to, Silver Haar just might be your guys.

Yawn – Simple Sensations

Manchester group Yawn’s new single ‘Simple Sensations’ is an easy-going tune that will get any indie fan at the very least intrigued with its sound. The biggest compliment I can say about this track is how efficient it is. Put shortly, it’s simple but effective.

With the majority of the song being made up of block piano chords, a standard drum beat, and a bit of twinkly synth, Yawn have kept things straightforward.

This is not an insult. It may not be overcomplicated, but for what they have done, they have done well. I would happily sit back and stick this one on on a peaceful afternoon. Why not give it a try? It’s that simple.

The Panamas – Breathless

What happens when you cross the indie sound of the late 90s/early 2000s with the cheesy dance tunes of the 80s?

I didn’t know the answer until I listened to The Panamas’ song ‘Breathless’. Pulled from their recent EP, ‘Breathless’ is filled with an incessant amount of twangy guitar and a chorus that will ring around your head for five minutes afterwards.

It would be a lie if I said that this song will actually leave you breathless. However, it might get your feet moving and your head bopping. You never know, The Panamas might be your next favourite band, but you definitely won’t know unless you give them a listen.

Alpaca Factory – Face Of God

‘I have seen the face of God, and she looks just like you’. This is what Chesterfield band Alpaca Factory have to say about the lucky person their new song is about. ‘Face Of God’ is an archetypal romance song that carries a complete sense of awe for that one person.

Their work is very reminiscent of The Killers’ early sound, albeit a little more untidy.

This song has a lot of components that could really make it a chart-topping tune. However, it’s let down by it’s messiness. It all just feels a bit unfinished. If this song was put in the hands of the right producer, I reckon the outcome would be a whole lot different.