RGM Recommends – The top 5 latest single releases

Pizza Crunch Fried Intellectuals

The Glasgow based alt-rock act ‘Pizza Crunch’ are due to release their new song ‘Fried Intellectuals’ on August the 27th and i have had the pleasure of giving it a listen.

With a sound that much reminds me of bands such as Vistas and The Academic, i really enjoyed the song as it has quite an upbeat melody, especially as the it reaches the chorus. This is definitely one for the Summer. One to drive to, with all your windows down and the volume on full-blast.

The lyrics speak of wanting to expand the mind but still having the urge to want to have fun with things that seem ‘pointless’ and ‘don’t make sense’. As a lot of people often struggle with the balance of wanting to have a good time but not make a fool of themselves while doing so i think that the song really resonates with that feeling of wanting to let go.

Fried Intellectuals is a summer song for all to enjoy (whilst we still have the sun to enjoy it.

Calum Pearce – It Hurts

‘It hurts’ the new release by Calum Pearce is a poppy track about seeing your ex or someone you once liked with someone else and, as explained on the tin, how much that can break you and how much it can hurt when you lose someone you have a lot of love and care for.

As someone who’s currently been through this, i feel this song to me, is highly relatable. But, in saying this, it doesn’t make me want to cry about my situation or what i’ve been through, oh no. Instead, this song makes you want to dance.

Sometimes i think the best songs come from a place of hurt for some writers and musicians and this song certainly resonated that in me.

So if you’re feeling a little sad about a past love or your current boy/girl/love-life situation, then i’d recommend you stick on Callum’s new release and have a dance and remind yourself that, it’s okay to feel hurt and that this happens to everyone. But atleast there is a song that you can scream the lyrics to when you went to get those horrible feelings out, like ‘It Hurts’.

Separator Babbling Pessimist

This week i’ve had the pleasure of listening to the new single from ‘Separator’ named ‘Babbling Pessimist’. The song see’s the band turn from their slightly post-punk roots towards a much wider scope of what is known as miserable disco, pop and alternative rock.

The lyrics feel very reminiscent of the lock-down days, when COVID had first arrived and everyone was, quite literally, as one of the lyrics states ‘doing bugger all’.

I think Babbling Pessimist perfectly sums up what the general populations mind state was during the lock-down as every-day, though it felt the same, seemed so strange and wasn’t anything that any of us could have predicted to happen.

The song brings nostalgia back from the previous gloomy days, however in a way ensures us that there is somehow a light at the end of the tunnel we thought would never end.

Dakota Jones Lord Please 🇺🇸

Dakota Jone’s most recent release ‘Lord Please’ is simple but so SO effective.

With only a singular drum beat as instrumental, as united voices of the band eventually join together, definitely make this track as beautiful as it is. I feel the use of the single drum is very unique and is not seen used very often in many songs these days.

The track opens with pleading from the lead singer of the band, Tristan Carter-Jones, who has also said that ‘Lord Please is a real prayer that i say to myself more than i’d care to admit” and is, to someone such as me who suffers from anxiety and often looks for clarity such as the words to this song, very comforting to know.

The song is about guidance through the things that overwhelm you. The simplicity of the singular drum beat and the vocals coming together, i feel really displays the urgency of the need for clarity and exaggerates the desperation for healing, that comes from these lyrics sang by Carter-Jones.

It is overall extremely calming, along with much of the bands other music and i have really enjoyed listening to it (i even may have added them to one of my Spotify playlist, and i recommend you do too).


On my first listen of GNS’s new single BIB i realised this song is about feeling quite run-down on life and feeling as if your happiness is slipping away from you. It is about feeling a little lost in life.

The sound of the song it self feels quite airy. Almost as if you are ‘floating’ which is exactly what the singles artwork indicates too. Due to this ‘airyness’ that is created from the song, i feel it is very calming; that it’d be nice to listen to on a sunny day when you’re outside with the sun on your face and your eyes closed, enabling you to really soak in the lyrics.

I feel if you’re a fan of artists like Tyler the Creator then this kind of release from GNS is one that you will be able to enjoy as much as i have.