RGM Recommends – The top 5 latest single releases

LIINES – Keep On Going

Grunge-punk outfit LIINES are back with the driving, powerful new single, ‘Keep On Going’. Carried by a fast tempo and a simplistic guitar hook, the Manchester band really lean into the post-punk energy that draws comparisons to bands like IDLES and Slaves. This is an anthem fit for sweaty clubs or arenas, with Zoe McVeigh’s rousing vocals perfectly suited to crowd involvement.

Lyra – Summer In The City

With Tom Misch-esque guitars and soulful vocals, this new track from London outfit Lyra is the perfect new summer jam. The group clearly have a great understanding of jazz harmony and some of the guitar licks are very tasty indeed. Although structurally it’s quite a simple track, it builds well and by the end of it the melody will be stuck in your head.

The production is smooth and the half-time feel throughout gives it a lazy, carefree Sunday afternoon feel. Imagine listening to this at an outdoor festival, beer in hand, with the sun shining. Just great vibes.

Sharp Class – Keep The Faith

Nottingham-based group Sharp Class bring a refreshingly vintage sound to the indie-rock genre. ‘Keep The Faith’ is an upbeat, guitar-driven tune reminiscent of The Jam and The Clash that equally wouldn’t sound out of place in a Libertines set. I love the backing vocals during the verses that just add a great bit of harmony and if you listen carefully, there are some lovely bass runs too.

There is something about this one that makes you want to get up and dance; something timeless about a 70s rock & roll sound that, no matter what you’re into, you will definitely enjoy.

SWEARS – Believe It

Following up on the ‘Seersucker’ EP last year, Middlesbrough’s SWEARS are keen to continue their upward trajectory with their latest single. Kicking off with a driving bassline, ‘Believe It’ quickly turns into a heavy, fast-paced affair. There are some dreamy elements to the production, with plenty of reverb cranked up on the vocals to give it some sonic depth and a groovy breakdown towards the end of the track.

Tom Bright – Amateur Astronaut

With an Alex Turner-style drawl and with playful keys helping it along, here Tom Bright delivers a wonderfully bohemian track. His minimalistic approach to instrumentation and the stripped-back production style gives it a very easy-listening quality and a wide appeal, existing comfortably in this post-Arctic Monkeys indie pop world. The lyrics have a witty charm about them and all the space-y metaphors transport you so you’re floating like Major Tom in a tin can.

Gearing up for his sophomore album and backed by industry giants Guy Garvey and John Kennedy, this already-established artist is surely about to take the industry by storm.