RGM Recommends – The Top 5 Latest Single Releases

‘Is This Love’ – Dalmas

Manchester based rock band Dalmas come bursting through the gate with new single ‘Is This Love’. Released with Native South Records, ‘Is This Love’ follows on from the success of their debut EP which was released in March. Dalmas deliver an interesting mix of classic Rock mixed with a dash of retro 80s brought by shimmering electronic synths. ‘Is This Love’ completely captures the electrifying excitement of a new relationship, and the adrenaline rush of giving yourself up to the moment. ‘Is This Love’ blossoms into an energetic and exciting new single for Dalmas.

‘Man of the People’ – The Ruby Tuesdays

Blackburn’s The Ruby Tuesdays are making their feelings known with heavy hitting new single ‘Man of the People’. Expressing their frustrations with Britain’s disregard for the North through gritty and distorted guitars, while vocals wail out questioning the agenda of those in charge in Westminster. The Ruby Tuesdays champion their hometown in this powerful new single which rings out like an anthem for change. A well crafted rock belter, ‘Man of the People’ is so much more than a protest song, with ripping guitars that should make Westminster shudder.

No More Make Believe – Anna Pancaldi

Anna Pancaldi showcases her immense natural talent on new single ‘No More Make Believe (Live at UCC, 2020)’. This live performance drives home the power of her vocals and lyrical ability, while the simplicity of the performance makes her voice float above the instrumentation. Comparisons to other vocalists pale, with the emotion poured into this performance. The London singer songwriter sings of love lost with a tenderness and understanding that comes out in the maturity of her songwriting.

Storms – Martina Armour 🇺🇸

There’s a real magic in the arrangement and production of Martina Armour’s new single ‘Storms’. Simple instrumentation provides the perfect backdrop for Armour’s sincere and pure vocal performance. Martina Armour clearly has natural melodic flair; this skill is evident throughout ‘Storms’. Light touches of string accompaniment lightly embellish the track which climaxes to a sublime guitar solo and lush vocal textures. Martina Armour blissfully bridges the divide between folk and pop, delivering a beautiful ballad that is both energetic and serene.

‘Inside Out’ – The New Twentys ( Out 1st Oct)

London based The New Twentys immediately grab your attention with Phil Collins-esque snare hits punctuating the light indie rock guitar that opens their brand new EP. ‘Inside Out’ features five new songs from this intriguing new band, who have had a summer of opening up for some of the biggest names including Primal Scream, Fat White Family, Scouting For Girls and McFly. The simplicity of the arrangements allows each layer to shine, and gives the songs space to grow and breathe. The three piece broach classic themes of love and relationships with a fresh perspective and comfortingly familiar sound. This EP sounds rich in influence and references, and is a slickly produced piece of work that shows off the best of their songwriting.