Craig Lee and The Humblebees – Defamation Machine

From start to finish Craig Lee and The Humblebees new single ‘Defamation Machine’ sounds almost as if, when you close your eyes, you’ve walked into a saloon in the middle of the wild west, however, the song’s lyrics tell a completely different story.

Even though the melodic, upbeat tune may seem like a song to sing and dance to, it entails the story of the first and only openly gay football player to come out during a high-profile playing career, named Justin Fashanu, who committed suicide in 1988.

The upbeat positive nature of the song instills hope, as during 1988 homosexuality was becoming accepted by wider society.

‘The Defamation Machine’ is a track sure to get people up and moving their feet and while it is filled with a heartbreaking message within its lyricism, the country-style track, reminiscent of fellow artist and songwriter Jake Bugg, is one I’ll definitely be adding to my playlists.

The Hostels – Sheep

One edgy, Catfish and the Bottlemen inspired guitar riff and some awesome lyricism on the modern relationship, you could almost say the Hostel’s newest release ‘Sheep’ could certainly put some indie rock bands to shame.

This tune is definitely your typical 42’s type of banger. The kind of song you can picture yourself being on someone’s shoulders to at a festival or gig. The kind of lyrics you can scream at the top of your lungs because they’re so relatable to you. The kind of song that could bring a crowd together if given the chance.

With an extremely catchy chorus i was hooked straight away and i’m more than sure that you will be too.

The Stride – Let It Out

‘Let it out’, The Stride’s newest single has a seemingly catchy chorus but does this does this always make for a great song overall?

Well, to me, the instrumental seems much louder than the vocals, almost like they’re overcompensating for it, somehow. The heavier the better doesn’t always apply here, guys.

However, the instrumental is fantastic which, in its own way, over powers the quite isolated vocals anyway. The song certainly fits its genre extremely well and i could one hundred percent see myself dancing away in the middle of 42’s to it one day, however i do think that it may need some more work before that day comes.

Overall the composition of the song is great but the delivery of it … not so much. A valiant effort from the Stride none the less. It may not be their best track but it is certainly not their worst either.

Macky – Kanye Money πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Soloist Macky’s new release ‘Kanye Money’ is a tune that will undoubtedly fill you with all the summery-feels.

With a little bit of acoustic mixed with atmospheric sound effects which take you straight to ‘paradise’, this song truly has it all to get you in the ‘beach-day’ kind of mood.

The song seems to be fairly cinematic in its use of sound effects such as birds chirping and tweeting, I could definitely see this one doing well on summer clothing advertisements and i undoubtedly would absolutely indulge in it.

Soloist ‘Macky’ definitely joins in the ranks with bands such as The Peach Tree Rascals and Thomas Headon on ‘Kanye Money’ and with its catchy melody and chorus lyrics, as this is something these bands excel in. I think Macky may be onto a fan favourite with this one (especially myself).

Overall the track is something quite special and is certain to accompany you on those last few days of summer sunshine. It was a pleasure to listen to.

Salsola – The Seekers

‘The Seekers’ by Salsoa released earlier this month seems lyrically a little bit dark and twisty, however surprisingly, is still a pretty beautiful song.

The song slows around the 2-minute mark which leads up to a dramatic, classically indie, yet still, gorgeous guitar solo. I think this gives the song more structure and obviously show-cases the guitarists, talented abilities. Hearing a woman’s vocals on an indie track like this one, at first I’ll admit was quite surprising, but a pleasant one.

After listening to the songs a couple of times, I think it starts to grow on you, slowly. Or at least, this has definitely happened to me while taking a listen to the new release.

I think ‘The Seekers’ is, overall, a great song and I highly recommend Salsola to anyone who’s a big fan of Oasis, Catfish and the Bottlemen to give them a little listen.