The Panamas – I Gotta Let Go

The Stockport quintet cherry picks their vibe from different parts of the north to come up with a melancholy indie goth blend that gives a nighttime drive and 3 am musings.

“I Gotta Let Go” brings back an underground 80s feel we haven’t heard for a bit and ties it in with the typical 00s Sheffield crowd pleaser on a song about realising you’ve come to the end of the line is one that I’m sure will fit well in some of your late night playlists.

Joe Peacock – On Fire Again

Self described as a unique storyteller, Joe Peacock usually forms one half of alternative folk duo “The Missed Trees.”

The Birmingham native given the reigns to himself blends a bizarre mix of rock electronica to tell the story of man who holds the record for amount of times struck by lightning and even the flashing sounds within the track make you feel you should be standing looking at a storm listening to this with an ominous tone.

Fans of rock and dark pop alike will latch onto this one.

Rénovations – Scars

Meant for just a single gig back in 2019, the European trio met in Edinburgh and must have heard what you will and decided not to hang it up.

First thought was comparative to heavy metal bands like Kittie but with a more operatic ring to it that fans of headbangers with delicate voices will definatly enjoy.

It’s got a feel of the mid 2000s scene electro rock that the “elder emos” of around the 30 year mark will greatly appreciate, having a sound of those kinds of teenage moshpits.

Vortex Town – Menticide

The highly anticipated first single from the alt rock based four piece’s debut album definatly exceeds any expectations.

Taking inspiration from the 90s Washington grunge scene mixed in with what sounds like a twisted psychobilly undertone gives a catchy banger that you’ll want to get up and dance to.

It sounds like their album may start their own riot girl era and that’s no mean feat.

Marseille – Only Just Begun 

Five lads coming in strong with the youthful, cheery energy that was voted BBC Radio Derby’s track of the week last week and you can hear why. 

It’s a pleasing to the ear, happy sound that brings about feelings of hope at the start of a journey whilst merging together 60s and early northern 90s alt rock in a particular way that brings a nostalgic soundtrack to stepping in the right direction