Phantom Booth – Apparatus 

Following up with their debut single, the band released Apparatus which is a catchy, summery, indie single. 2022 has already seen the band catch the attention of Dublin’s Castle and the Lexington Reading’s humble Purple Turtle.

The single focuses on the aftermath of the pandemic and how you shouldn’t care as much as before. The song gravitates toward the simplicity of the music with my attention span catching quickly onto the vocals as soon as the song starts, and making me want to hear more which is a truly unique thing to do. It almost seems like with the tones of the vocals and instruments that the song transports you back to 2020 with the emotions.

The 48ks – Heartbeat

The 48ks release a brand new summery single ‘Heartbeat’ which captures the attention of the end of the summer.

The band is set to release their third album. The 48ks completely have a raw, nostalgic and emotional tune in their music which has captured the attention of the music scene. It makes me feel as though I am experiencing what they are experiencing and that I have gone through the same memories as them, it makes me go back in time really and makes me feel as though I can relate to them.

It makes me want to listen to more of their music which is not something that every band can make you do with songs. 

Motherland – Ocean Drive

North East band Motherland release ‘Ocean Drive’ which has captured the anthem of the summer feeling with the lyrics focusing on love.

The band has a highly polished sound with a powerful roar of instruments within the new single. This song instantly reminds me of summer, with the feelings of being present in the moment and I can see that this song would be perfect on the radio!

Despite the band not being as known, the song makes me feel as though I know them and that I have heard of them before. I cannot wait to see what more this band achieves and the new music that they continue to release. 

Pylon Poets – Remedy

Pylon Poets new single Remedy is a follow-up to the band’s last E.P ‘Lucid Halluictions’.

The single focus on themes of the modern world, love, and striking imagery that the band relates to. The band has shared stages with Scouting for Girls, Reef, and GUN across all festivals.

The single seems to make me feel as though I am a festival with the indie sound that we hear on the radio and on tv shows. It makes me want to keep listening to it again and again with the bubbly sound of the single.