The Roster – Where’s He Been?

Indie rock band The Roster offer a taste of their impressive musicianship in new single ‘Where’s He Been?’.

Differing from the band’s standard indie approach, the new record mixes aspects of rock’n’roll with authentic storytelling typical of a ballad, which makes for a clever fusion of genres.

The track’s varying tempo is an interesting feature, with the slow and rhythmic initial verse progressing into a fast-paced electric guitar-laden chorus, before steadying again in the stripped back outro.

Despite the almost questionable mixture of sounds and paces, the track manages to maintain coherency and makes for a really engaging listen.

Happy Athletic – Someone Who Cares

Finding inspiration within the likes of American indie bands DIIV and Beach Fossils, alternative indie four-piece Happy Athletic return with their first release of 2023, ‘Someone Who Cares’.

The new track follows ‘Closer’, the self-made band’s second single to date, which gained recognition from the likes of BBC6 and XS Manchester.

Intertwining jangly guitar riffs with steady drumbeats, the record emits feel-good energy while telling a heartbreaking story of unrequited love, with candid lyricism detailing the protagonist’s bitterness.

The new track showcases the raw energy which the band have cultivated through their live performances over the past year.

The Silver Lines – Blow Dry

Following a busy last year consisting of a sold-out hometown show at Birmingham’s Forum and numerous festival sets, The Silver Lines are back and ready to take the rock’n’roll scene by storm, starting with their new single ‘Blow Dry’.

The track opens with a strong combination of driving drumbeats, rolling baselines, and catchy vocal hooks.

Grabbing the listener’s attention immediately, the defiant record is an impressive display of the bands’ dynamic musicianship.

Overall, this track is bound to be a crowd pleaser and would be the perfect addition to the indie festival scene this summer.

Florie Namir and Franck Biyong – Silence Is Music

Tel Aviv-born singer-songwriter Florie Namir and Cameroonian musician Franck Biiyong join creative forces to produce captivating new piece ‘Silence Is Music’.

Opening with soothing acoustic guitar chords and gentle foot-tapping beats, the record offers a blissful moment of escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Untainted by heavy production, the contrast between Namir’s angelic echoing harmonies and Biyong’s soulful vocals gives the record an undeniable sense of depth and tonal diversity.

The unique collaboration between the two very different artists serves as the perfect reminder of the unitive power of music.

Fleas – Nightmare (Reissue)

Alt-punk band Fleas make a big statement in new release ‘Nightmare (Reissue)’. The rock ballad is a remake of the original record released in 2021 which quickly became a fan favourite.

Centring around the raw experience of dealing with mental health struggles, the new track showcases an incredibly vulnerable yet endearing side to the band’s artistry.

The sense of emotional turbulence is cleverly reflected in the track’s varied use of sound and texture, with monotone vocals being juxtaposed by the cathartic screaming chorus.

With such an aggressive sound, ‘Nightmare’ certainly isn’t for everyone, but ultimately the message behind the track is a universal one.