By Wednesday – Again, Again

From meeting at a Fallowfield house party in 2018 to releasing their debut single ‘Grasshopper Mind’ last year, Manchester-based four piece By Wednesday have undeniably come far in a short period of time. The group of mates have just unveiled their latest single ‘Again, Again’ which showcases the diverse talents the indie band have to offer.

With jangly guitar riffs and catchy hooks, the track quickly establishes itself as an earworm. The juxtaposition of light-hearted anthemic production with introspective lyricism cynically describing how vanity and egoism can destroy personal relationships perfectly highlights the band’s multifaceted approach to music production.

The new track is bound to be a crowd pleaser at the band’s future intimate shows but definitely has the capacity to entertain a much larger festival audience too.

Euan Blackman – Bad Things (Out 31st March )

With support from the likes of BBC Introducing, Radio X, and Dirty Hit, alt-folk singer Euan Blackman returns with his third single of the year, ‘Bad Things’. The heartfelt single provides a tantalising taste of his forthcoming debut EP ‘You Are The Rain’.

Recorded in Blackman’s Liverpool bedroom studio, the track captures the musician’s deepest thoughts. Candid lyricism grapples with the damaging nature of societal expectations through exploring themes of authenticity and relationship vulnerability. Alongside Blackman’s whispering ethereal vocals, driving DIY production further enhances the personal nature of the piece.

Camens – Jacket Weather

Stoke-On-Trent-based band Camens unveil their new single ‘Jacket Weather’, a dynamic and unapologetic alt-rock anthem. The release follows a busy year for the indie four piece which saw them headline their own UK tour before securing a support slot with Scouting For Girls towards the end of the year.

From the first thudding drum line, the track grabs your attention immediately. Filled with funky electric guitar riffs and gritty vocals from lead singer Scott, the record is reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys while managing to maintain the band’s own authentic sound. Describing the sense of vitality that comes with the dawning of spring, ‘Jacket Weather’ is the perfect pick-me-up after the dreariness of winter months.

The Strangerz – Hit The Ground (OUT 17TH MARCH)

‘Hit The Ground’ is Manchester-based punk band The Strangerz’s latest release which drops just ahead of their upcoming headline show on March 19th at The Castle Manchester.

The track opens with an infectious rolling baseline which seems uncharacteristic of the band’s usual style. With the prompt introduction of sharp electric guitar riffs and leading vocals, it isn’t long before the shouty and punchy punk music returns. The fast-paced record quickly progresses into an intense and seemingly chaotic chorus. Although the track can feel incoherent at times and appears to lack the narrative lyricism exhibited in previous work, this is understandable as the newly formed band experimented with its sound.

Kevin Fountain – Ass Out In Chicago

After largely remaining anonymous and creating sonic backdrops for other artists for almost four decades, Chicago-born Kevin Fountain is ready to step into the limelight himself. Latest record ‘Ass Out In Chicago’ is taken from the beatsmith’s debut album titled ‘F.O.R.M’ (Fountain Of Raw Material) Volume 1.

Led by movable percussive beats and gliding string melodies, the soundscape is guaranteed to intrigue listeners. Through creating a distinctive culmination of sounds and textures, the track provides just over 3 minutes of feel-good escapism. The atmospheric record is undoubtedly different from most of the music we hear on a daily basis and really encapsulates Fountain’s unique artistry.