IMMERSE – It’s All Good

Right from the get-go, the 4 piece from Bristol hit you with the sound of a classic emo era track which you don’t tend to get much of these days making it both nostalgic so it would certainly fit on your 2009 slam dunk playlists easily.

With sold-out shows and being featured on the BBC introducing rock show already, I’d reckon they’re brewing up to tack onto some of the bigger rock artists who are spearheading what could be known as the new emo revival since there is absolutely still call for tunes and bands like this as it was something different back then and now it’s almost like an old friend to those of us who lived and breathed that scene at one time in our misspent youth.

London Ghost – Phoenix

Delicate yet hard-hitting lyrics combined with what you’d expect to be a generic acoustic track but generally it isn’t.

London Ghost are a band who have gained a cult following over the last 5 years. That’s likely down to the fact that they have a prog-rock experimental sound (similar to other London experimental guitarists) but combine that with almost operatic synths and it brings something very different to the table within the current indie and funk scene down there.

Happy Athletic – Someone Who Cares

Manchester lads Happy Athletic have previously caught attention from the likes of Radio 6 and XS and with that typical northern sound it was to be expected.

Though their new track has a happy go lucky, almost jangle pop vibe about it rather than being your stereotypical indie track so it sounds alot more like The Strumbellas from about 8 years back and the music from around then was incredibly chipper sounding despite the lyrics which is entirely the case with this track and radio rather like a track like this so I imagine it’ll catch some pretty strong ears pretty soon. It’s just got a certain charm about it.

Django Jones & The Mystery Men – Date Night at Joey’s (Out 7th April)

Sheffield band Django Jones & The Mystery Men seem to have taken their influences from blues scenes to blend in with an alt rock vibe that was really prevalent in the early 2000s but given it a punk twist with their new one “Date Night at Joey’s”

It’s a hard-hitting, distinctive and catchy one with melodic guitars but with rough vocals after the spoken intro (which is brilliant) and alot of fuzz similar to that of a grunge track but far cleaner. I imagine we’ve not heard the last of them and I’m glad about that.

Marseille – Thinker

Marseille have been making waves all over the socials and radio in recent months – you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone in the know about the upcoming scene who hasn’t heard of them.

Their tracks are well written, played, and produced and fit extremely well in the recent indie resurgence, proving that the north can indeed still produce Oasis-level talent.

Their new one “Thinker” is a testament to that completely. With its soft rock vibes it’s got a definite summer festival or sitting-in-the-garden feel to it. They’re very much part of the modern blueprint of indie these days and wear the shoes amazingly well.