Paul Askew – When The Sun Came Up

Liverpool artist Paul Askew has been about for a good while doing tunes so he’s no stranger to it. Him and his new backing band have been making noise and gaining a strong fan base around Manchester and Merseyside which is evident from his new song ‘When The Sun Came Up’

It’s got that typical Manchester based 90s indie pop sound that seems to draw alot of different kinds of people in. It comes with a high production value sound, a good soundtrack for your summer beer gardens and includes some decent breakdowns. It’s reasonably heavy for a track like this making it likely to be a strong radio contender when they cotton on to it.

Rianne Downey – Songbird

A beautiful and powerful voice and a strong song to start off with before her debut album release, song bird is exactly how you’d refer to Rianne. After a strong EP release in 2021 and managing to sell out shows in major cities already, this track and the country pop style of her music generally has a real feel of something BBC radio listeners would quickly become obsessed with – again when the radio catches on. I can imagine her playing pretty big stages in all honesty as she has a vibe almost like crossing Ellie Goulding with early Taylor Swift.

It’s got a lot of passion within it and really good lyrical content. I dont really know how you’d describe a song thats both delicate and hard hitting at the same time but this track certainly has that about it.


DAYZIES have already accompanied some big up and coming names in the grass roots scene on sold out shows so I reckon the Newcastle rock quartet have already drummed up a bit of noise for themselves. But if they haven’t this track should absolutely do the trick.

Hard hitting melodic riffs right out of the block with a fun headbanging vibe and catchy lyrics, its not even three minutes long but its an insane earworm along with lines of Maneskin’s GOSSIP track, to the point it just immediately wedges itself in your brain and won’t leave no matter how much you ask it nicely. So long story short, I don’t like it… I love it.

The Ilfords – Wilaton

Hailed as one of the most exciting indie bands from the North East with ‘alright’ reviews coming from their mums, absolute stormers from everywhere else and sell out shows through 2022 speaking for themselves, their new one Wilaton has some poetic lyrics and a blend of jangle pop running through it that gives it a taste of something slightly different to that typical indie sound.

They are have a definite strong ground with their whole vibe for being part of the modern indie resurgence that seems to have flared up in recent years. They’ve certainly done heavier and more ”genuine indie” tracks than this one in the past but that’s not a critique per say. I rather like the direction they’ve begun to take their sound in.

Mary Hennessy – Teeth

In anticipation for her debut album, Liverpudlian songstress Mary bites with first song ”Teeth.” With a delicate cascade whisp of voice, the track gives a blend of lo-fi playlist vibes but in a high-produced dream pop way.

It’s almost got the feel of a distorted, starting with a psychedelic riff and blending into a bubblegum pop track – not dissimilar to something like Billie Eilish but with a country undertone so it’s one you can have yourself a little bop too, and is just a pleasant listen. I imagine that’ll be a strong album.